“It’s Not Always About the Brand”

Manu Kondapi prepares to say goodbye to Horizon Honors High School. She gives one last smile before leaving high school.

Daisy Valentin, Columnist

May 24, 2014

How do you begin to describe someone who has been a part of the Horizon Community Learning Center family since first grade and whose 2013-2014 school year marks her final year at Horizon Honors? If you mix a spunky, funny, outgoing, admirable person with intelligence, you get none other than Manu Kondapi,...

Partying Middle School Style

Kamryn Chan and Devon Urquiza

May 19, 2014

It’s almost time for the school year to end but the Horizon middle schoolers have another reason to be celebrating, the field trip to Pecos Park! Middle school students will be spending the day at Pecos Park Pool as an end of the year field trip. With three weeks left of school and finals right around...

Parcc Testing

Parcc Testing

Kai Farley, Columnist

May 19, 2014

On Thursday, May 15, American Experience (AmEx) students pilot tested for the PARCC test (Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers).The examination will be replacing AIMS (the Arizona Instrument to Measure Standards) during the next school year (2014-15). The online assessment...

Overcoming the Dreaded Common App Essay

The Common Application is a universal undergraduate college admission application that can be used to apply to 517 member colleges worldwide.

Manu Kondapi, Campus Life Editor

May 17, 2014

The college process is daunting and excessively time consuming, to say in the least. As someone who applied to 17 universities and wrote over 50 essays, I spent the majority of my first semester of senior year seated in front of my computer trying to think of original pieces that would make me stand...

An Evening of Art

Students and their families stand under a colorful laminated 
sheet made by Intro to Art students. This project was created 
using sharpies and transparencies.

Emily LaBatt, Columnist

May 15, 2014

Students and families were invited to view artwork made by Horizon Honors art students in mediums including pastels, scratchboard, oil and soft pastel, watercolor, and mixed media. But that’s not all that was on display at the second art show of the year. On May 9, students from Culinary Arts, Graphic...

Riding Her Way to Nationals: Gabrielle Petersen

Gabrielle Petersen trains for her upcoming competition at her barn. She has been working with her trainer since she the age of six.

Kelleigh Hogan, Columnist

May 15, 2014

While Horizon Honors’ students were enjoying prom, senior Gabrielle Petersen had something else on her mind. Petersen was competing in the regionals’ horseback riding competition with hopes of making it to the highest level of competition: Nationals. She placed third in the competition, ensuring...

An Art Addiction: Confessions of a Classical Art Aficionado

Cloud Gate, created by Anish Kapoor, is located in Millenium Park in downtown Chicago and is an iconic example of contemporary art in this day and age.

Manu Kondapi, Campus Life Editor

May 8, 2014

1. Las Meninas, Diego Velazquez 2. The Veiled Virgin, Giovanni Strazza 3. The Thinker, Auguste Rodin 4. Cloud Gate, Anish Kapoor 5. David, Michelangelo 6. Lady in the Moonlight, Raja Ravi Varma 7. Pieta, Michelangelo 8. Spring Morning in the Han Palace, Qui Ying 9. Christina’s World, Andrew...

Nelson Mandela: The Legacy Lives On

Nelson Mandela, South Africa’s first black president and anti-apartheid icon, emerged from 27 years in prisons to turn the country into a successful democracy.

Manu Kondapi, Campus Life Editor

May 5, 2014

"Our people have lost a father. Although we knew this day was going to come, nothing can diminish our sense of a profound and enduring loss. His tireless struggle for freedom earned him the respect of the world. His humility, passion and humanity, earned him their love," said South African president Ja...

“Transcendence” Review

Poster for “Transcendence.” © Warner Bros Pictures

Tyler Danner, Columnist

May 5, 2014

As a big Johnny Depp fan, I didn’t even have to read the plot line before I decided to go see his new movie “Transcendence” - but that was a mistake. I thought the fact that Johnny Depp was the star actor would be enough to make the movie great, but I was wrong. What I found instead was a movie ...

DIY Spicing up Boring Frames with Old CDs

DIY Spicing up Boring Frames with Old CDs

Torie Farhar, Columnist

May 5, 2014

Make boring picture frames and old CD’s useful and fun by combining them to make a new, unique frame to show off. For this project you’ll need: 1 Plain (flat) Picture frame (preferably with a thicker frame, one and a half or more inches, the size of the actual picture does not matter, I used an 8x...