Jonas Brothers Tickets Winners


Alexis Griffin, Columnist, 2011-2013

In January of 2013, Horizon Honors raffled Jonas Brothers tickets for National School Choice Week, an event that focuses on creating effective education options for all children. One of the over 100 winners was  Karley MacArthur, grade 10. A super fan of the band, she started screaming for joy when she heard the news. MacArthur got a call from her mother after school, telling her that she had won the tickets. She was so ecstatic that she screamed and jumped around, unable to control herself  that she almost cried from all the excitement. Then later in the day when she contacted the rest of her family to tell them that she had won, she was forced to face the fact that she was unable to go to the concert because she had play rehearsal that day. Instead of wasting the tickets, she gave them to a friend, Sam Schian, grade 10, here at Horizon Honors. “I was so happy the moment my mom told me that I won those tickets, and I had a hard time facing the fact that I was unable to go! But as soon as I knew that I wanted to give them to someone who could use them, and I thought of Sam; she’s a huge fan like me!” said MacArthur.

Schian, another longtime Jonas Brothers fan, graciously accepted the tickets. When asked about the tickets, Schian said, “I’m so excited when MacArthur asked me if I would take the tickets that I literally cried and went to lunch and called my mom and told all my friends.” Sam and some of her closest friends went to the concert, which took place on January 25, 2013. Schian was unable to articulately express her joy after the concert, but it’s safe to assume the experience was excellent.