Teacher Spotlight: Ms.Patti of Child Development


Ms. Patti Tiritilli, the teacher of Child Development known as Ms. Patti, is in charge of the staff daycare here at Horizon Honors. She has worked with the staff daycare for 13 years and has seen many of the children she once taught move into three-four and five-six.

Patti loves to work with the kids and she enjoys all the little gestures they do. “It really makes my day when we are painting and one of them wants a hug and they end up giving you a pat on the back, leaving a handprint,”  she stated. “You just have to love the way they do things.” Patti knows how to deal with whatever happens and how to work with all ages groups, ranging from babies to toddlers to preschoolers.

When Ms. Patti started out at Horizon Honors, she and a co-worker started working with only babies, and then their daycare expanded to include staff kids of all ages before kindergarten. The daycare expanded into a class called Child Development three years ago, because they needed assistance and wanted to offer experience to high schoolers interested working with children. There are five blocks of the class currently, there are two to three high schoolers in each block. This class allows students to experience first hand children with different personalities and how to interact with them, making everyone happy.