An Interview with a Sports Enthusiast


Anthony Airdo

Senior Shelby Lemme poses for a photo dressed as Tinkerbell. Photo courtesy of Anthony Airdo Copyright © 2013 AMA.

Anthony Airdo, Columnist

After the first home volleyball game, I took a moment to interview one of the most boisterous, energetic people out there- senior Shelby Lemme- to figure out her motivations for being such a shining example of school spirit.

Q: Why do you dress up for the games?

A: It’s really fun and I love showing my school spirit.

Q: What has been your favorite theme?

A: I love all the themes because I can be whatever I want. Not really into color theme games like white-out though. They aren’t as creative.

Q: What’s the best place to buy themed outfits?

A: Goodwill, because it has a ton of cheap unique stuff. You can almost always find the thing you’re looking for.

Q: How many people participate?

A: Not that many, about 10 to 20. We could always use more support!

Q: Who’s the loudest person?

A: Me because of my school spirit, but Ian Larson is a close second.

Q: Who sets the themes?

A: Usually the volleyball team will decide, and post it in a Facebook event.

Q: What’s your favor place after the game?

A: Zoyo cause they have the small cookie dough pieces that you put in up froyo and it’s da bomb. We go to Native after basketball games though because their wings are fantastic.