Long-Awaited Cottonwood Jam EP Released


(Photo courtesy of the Froski’s Arts & Photos director, Joy Pizorno. Copyright Joy Pizorno 2013)

The Froski, a student band featuring freshmen Joey Vitagliano, Zane Greenawalt, their newest member, Cameron Noble, and alumni Josh Cook, recently released their first EP. I asked Noble and Greenawalt a few questions about the EP and its release. For more info on the band, read our showcase here: https://thehorizonsun.com/campus-life/2013/06/04/student-band-froski/


Q: What inspired this EP?


Zane: The songs that have lyrics were inspired by past relationships.


Q: What’s the most fun song to play?


Cameron: Cottonwood Jam and Bridal Veil Falls are the most fun to get down and jam to.


Q: Is there a reason most of the songs don’t have lyrics?


Zane: Joey and Josh’s musical preferences delegate more towards instrumentals, and as the founders of the band they inspired our direction. We actually have another song with lyrics, but we never got to record it.


Q: What musical acts inspired the EP’s styling?


Cameron: Josh and Joey love Foster the People, Fleet Foxes, Grateful Dead, and Bob Dylan, and you can really hear that on the album.


Q: When did you start recording?


Joey: We started back in January.


Q: What would classify yourselves as?


Zane: Indie rock with a retro vibe for sure.


Q: Where can people buy the EP?


Cameron: You can go to Joey or any other members of the band, and buy a copy for only $1.