A Successful End for Bids for Kids

Horizon Honors’ online auction, Bids for Kids, came to a successful end on Nov. 21.


Photo Courtesy of Arlayna Schooley

Bid for Kids finished stronger than any year before and will bring new technology to all grades at Horizon Honors.

Jake Matise, Sports Editor

Horizon Honors’ online auction, Bids for Kids, was designed to raise money to support new technology at the school. It seems the auction raised plenty of money to do just that. Bids for Kids raised a total of $27, 236 for the school. Almost 550 auction items were sold to 214 bidders, who placed 2,048 bids combined.

The Bids for Kids auction, which began on Nov. 3, seemed like a brilliant idea from the start. There were great items available to be won at very low prices, depending on the type of the item. Bidders received amazing deals on otherwise exclusive or expensive items. Items ranged from gift cards to clothing and jewelry.

Mona Volden, director of parent partnerships at Horizon Honors, stated that this year’s Bids for Kids event was larger in more ways than just the monetary difference. According to Volden, the proceeds from the event were up $574 from last year.

“I believe the most critical part of the event was awareness of our event in the community, in collecting items from businesses and donations. Last year’s event raised $26,662,” Volden continued, “but we increased this year in the number of auction items and the number of bidders. Twenty two items were sold for the buy it now price, which was more than retail value. We even had 22 bidders from outside the community win items, which means that those not affiliated with Horizon found out about the auction and were willing to contribute.”

Volden expects that the number of bidders and overall event will be even bigger going into the next school year. “We look at Bids for Kids as our community coming together, and when we do, our students reap the benefits with the technology, and it’s even better when the students get involved.” Bids for Kids looks to contribute even more to HCLC in the coming years.