Is TikTok Overrated?

People have mixed opinions on the worldwide phenomenon TikTok.
TikTok has two billion users... but is it overrated?
November 20, 2020

TikTok became a worldwide phenomenon in November 2018, when it merged with China’s social media service, Users can create and share 3 to 60-second videos, using hashtags to reach as many...

History of Studio Ghibli

Studio Ghibli has entertained audiences for decades.
November 20, 2020

Studio Ghibli has released many high grossing films capturing the beauty of everyday life and the magic of childhood. Despite having started off in a competitive industry which was considered childish...

A New Wave of Consoles

As the holidays roll in, both Sony and Microsoft are taking the next step to the future.
November 18, 2020

On Nov. 10 and 12, the world was given the future of gaming. The PS5, Series X, and Series S were promising a new era of gaming, giving record breaking speeds and power to the console market. Both of...

The Prequel Trilogy: Is It Really That Bad?

Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith
Everyone’s heard that the Star Wars prequel trilogy is home to the worst Star Wars films, but do they really deserve the bad rap?
November 15, 2020

The prequel trilogy begins with “Star Wars: The Phantom Menace,” released in 1999. The movie was the beginning of what some would call a bad addition to the Star Wars movies. However, the movie does...

Foley Foolery

A foley artist at work.
There are many aspects that go into making movies, from the computer-generated images, (CGI) to the storyline, and everything in between. But there is one very important part that is often overlooked - the foley of a movie.
November 15, 2020

Have you ever wondered how horror movies manage to get the perfect sound of a creaky door? Or how footsteps just magically manage to become louder when entering a “haunted” house? How waterfalls and...

Movies From the Past That are Worth Watching Today

November 15, 2020

Movies from the 1900s might be old, but that does not mean they are not good. Many of the best movies were from the 1900s. With this list, found using “101 Movies to See Before You Grow Up” by Suzette...

Evil Thing

The cover of
November 15, 2020

The novel “Evil Thing” by Serena Valentino is about Cruella De Vil, the villain in the famous movie “101 Dalmations.” This novel shares her side of the story, and puts a huge spin on the villainous...

Disney Broke Star Wars?

Courtesy of
November 12, 2020

Disney is one of the world's largest sources of entertainment. They have made movies like “Avengers: Endgame” and “Frozen”, two huge blockbuster hits. In 2012, Disney bought Star Wars, a popular...

The Bird Fight of 2020

Image courtesy of State Farm Stadium
The last time the Arizona Cardinals beat the Seattle Seahawks at home was during the 2012 season.
November 9, 2020

To start the game, Seattle made two long-distance passes and ran the ball down for a touchdown, scoring within less than 5 minutes and 6 total plays. Seattle played hard defense, forcing a turnover, then...

The History of Rickrolling

Rick Astley's song
November 9, 2020

Rickrolling has become legendary in the meme community ever since it got the media's attention, but where did it come from in the first place? Rickrolling is ever changing, and has a rich history. Although,...

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