Carmen is a beautiful opera with several memorable pieces.

An Overview of Georges Bizet’s “Carmen”

Noah Thompson, Columnist June 9, 2021

Georges Bizet’s only opera, “Carmen,” is a dramatic tale of gypsy woman named Carmen in the 1820s. The opera is sung in French but is set in the Spanish city of Seville. This opera is one of the...



Allister McLeod, Columnist June 9, 2021

Mrs. Kingman, Horizon’s teacher for Creative Writing and various English courses, is now a published author. Horizon Sun: What is "DOWN WITH THIS SHIP" about? Katie Kingman: DOWN WITH THIS SHIP...

Down With This Ship Announcement

“Down With This Ship” Announcement

Jolie Flack, Graphics Designer June 9, 2021

Dreams channel icon.

Dream’s Horrible Apology

Luke Culver, Columnist June 9, 2021

Popular Minecraft speedrunner Dream finally admitted to cheating during his speedruns.  Dream is a popular speedrunner and content creator for the video game Minecraft. Back in December, the YouTuber...

Handheld gaming has been going strong for decades.

Handheld Consoles: A Retrospective Look

Luke Culver, Columnist June 8, 2021

Handheld consoles are a staple in gaming history. Chances are, you or one of your friends own one. When it comes to handhelds, a major name in the handheld gaming community is Nintendo, the creators of...

The Menuhin Competition is a major event in the violin world.

A Recap of the 2021 Menuhin Competition in Richmond, Virginia

Noah Thompson, Columnist June 8, 2021

The Menuhin Competition is one of the few events that draws rare, child prodigy violinists together to compete for a substantial reward and supreme recognition. The Competition has been around for nearly...

Chainsaw Man: Rumors, Details, and Recap

Chainsaw Man: Rumors, Details, and Recap

Sophia Geisler, Columnist June 7, 2021

The manga series "Chainsaw Man" by Tatsuki Fujimoto, released in 2018, has become popular amongst manga readers within the last year. The series is often recognized for its colorful design, crude humor,...

Avoiding Bland Characters

Avoiding Bland Characters

Allister McLeod, Columnist June 7, 2021

Characters are arguably the most important part of any piece of fiction. They carry the readers or viewers through a story, provide emotion and conflict, and give the readers or viewers figures to relate...

Dogecoins Doge.


Brandon Dosen, Columnist May 28, 2021

For almost a decade now, Dogecoin, something created as a meme, has continued to be invested in as a cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency in its simplest form is a digital currency. While such currencies have...

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