Pikmin: a Neglected Franchise

Pikmin: a Neglected Franchise

Brandon Dosen, Columnist May 7, 2021

Over the past two decades, one of Nintendo’s most beloved franchises has received only three games, leading many fans to think that the dormant series is being altogether left behind. In 2001, Pikmin...

An update on year one of

One Year Of “Animal Crossing: New Horizons”

March 20, 2021, marked the one-year anniversary of the latest installment of the Animal Crossing series, "Animal Crossing: New Horizons."
Abbi Prieto, Columnist March 29, 2021

“Animal Crossing: New Horizons” was first released on March 20, 2020, one year ago. It was a success, mainly due to the timing of the release. People were beginning quarantine, and “Animal Crossing:...

Consoles may have made the gaming industry, but there time is coming to a close.

The Doomed Console Market

Consoles have helped to create the large gaming industry we know today, but it seems that gaming might leave these beloved consoles behind entirely.
Brandon Dosen, Columnist March 22, 2021

Video game consoles have been around for what feels like forever, and have been a staple part of the gaming industry. However, all good things come to an end, and it seems that consoles are no exception....

Despite some fun news, the most recent Nintendo Direct fell flat for several reasons.

A Disappointing Nintendo Direct

For the first time in over a year, Nintendo has released a Nintendo Direct; however, it has received a lot of hate and disappointment.
Brandon Dosen, Columnist March 3, 2021

It’s no lie that with quarantining and coronavirus, gaming has been growing rapidly. With all the people stuck in their house, video games have become a major way to pass the time. Game developers ...

Freya Fellow's crime scene.

A Review of Tangle Tower

Lilly Wolfe, Columnist February 22, 2021

Quarantining as a result of the pandemic has had many people playing video games as a way to combat boredom. With no exception to myself, I would highly recommend playing the game “Tangle Tower” during...

Dream is a successful streamer, but what's going on with him and the controversy surrounding him?

Discussing Dream

How did the YouTuber Dream and his Dream Team become so famous yet controversial over simply gaming?
Sophia Geisler, Columnist February 18, 2021

Minecraft is one of the largest games in the entire world. From its initial release, the game has been the talk of the gaming world for years, and seems to never lose popularity. This can be thanks to...

A small group of Redditors shifted the tide of Wall Street against hedge funds.

How Reddit Broke the Stock Market

The stock market fell hard because of a large group of people that used social media to reach out and boost GameStop stocks up.
Brandon Dosen, Columnist February 5, 2021

Overview of Stocks Investing in stocks merits a great reward, albeit with a risk of failure. Investing in stocks works by buying stocks of companies that you believe will get you a profit. Stocks represent...

A New Legend Among Us?

With the whole world in quarantine, a new game has risen up to the top of the most played games.
Brandon Dosen, Columnist January 10, 2021

According to The New York Times, “Among Us” launched in 2018, and was described as an online murder mystery game, sort of like an online game of Mafia. A game full of deception, the game would feature...

The Playstation 5, released on Nov. 12, is quickly becoming a gaming phenomenon.

Playstation 5 – Worth the Hype?

Luke Culver, Columnist December 11, 2020

The launch of the Playstation 5 was one of the biggest events of 2020. On Nov. 12, the console was released, and sold out in seconds. Shortly after was a second wave of releases, where it sold out again....

A New Wave of Consoles

As the holidays roll in, both Sony and Microsoft are taking the next step to the future.
Brandon Dosen, Columnist November 18, 2020

On Nov. 10 and 12, the world was given the future of gaming. The PS5, Series X, and Series S were promising a new era of gaming, giving record breaking speeds and power to the console market. Both of...

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