Summing Up Boys’ Volleyball

Horizon Honors’ boys’ volleyball team sadly fell to Cienega High School this past week but their accomplishments outweighed the loss.
Kylee Golden, Columnist May 22, 2017

The boys' volleyallb team went to represent Horizon Honors at the championship game last week and unfortunately lost 15-11. It was hard for the team to end their season like that, but for most of the players,...

Catalina Foothills Gets Served

Horizon Honors boys’ volleyball pushes the team into the semifinals.
Mya Smith, Columnist May 12, 2017

The volleyball boys took the win playing against Catalina Foothills and will be going to semifinals to attempt victory at the state championship. The boys have worked hard this year to get where they...

Cheer On Spiritline!

Horizon Honors’ spiritline team have worked to master their difficult sport throughout the year and encourage others to share in the experience.
Hannah Browning, Columnist April 28, 2017

Tryouts for incoming sophomores to seniors were held the week of April 24, 2017, but there will be tryouts early next year for freshmen or anyone who just didn’t try out. Current members of the team...

Softball Girls Saved from Striking out This Season

Despite almost having their season cancelled, Horizon Honors’ girls’ softball team managed to gain new players and work together as a team to win their first game with hopes to continue winning.
Hannah Browning, Columnist March 31, 2017

Horizon Honors’ girls softball team had a rough start to their season, considering that their team was almost cut due to a lack of players. However, new players joined to ensure that the team could continue...

Beach Volleyball Sets Up for Their Season

Horizon Honors will be having beach volleyball for the first time this year, and students are excited for this opportunity to improve and hopefully win state.
Hannah Browning, Columnist March 4, 2017

This year Horizon Honors has a girls’ beach volleyball team. Because of the success of the girls’ volleyball team earlier this year, they are excited about this opportunity. The team hopes to improve...

High School Baseball Slides Into Their New Season

The Horizon Honors' Eagles baseball team have their first game next week so I sat down with some members of the team to get an idea of how their season will go.
Kylee Golden, Columnist February 24, 2017

Horizon Honors' baseball team will play start off their season next week. Last season, the team was 11-7 and made it to the first round of playoffs. They hope this season will go even better. The team...

Train Your Brain on the History of Spring Training

The beginning of spring also means the beginning of baseball season. As the teams migrate to Arizona and Florida for the next two months, it might be nice to learn the history of spring training.
Kylee Golden, Columnist February 17, 2017

Springtime means lots different things to different people. For some, it means it’s time to break out their shorts and flip flops, or it means time to start growing some pretty flowers and healthy foods....

Lacrosse Lacking Love

Even though the West Coast is gaining a larger lacrosse fan basis and rising in popularity, the East Coast is still on top knowing more about the history, competitiveness, and the entertainment all involved in the sport.
Kylee Golden, Columnist February 4, 2017

When you think about high school sports most people think football, baseball, softball, basketball, and a few others – these are the main sports of our corner of the world. Here on the West Coast, people...

Triumphant Win Against Tempe Prep on Homecoming Night

Horizon Honors’ varsity girls’ basketball won against Tempe Prep 41-34 on homecoming night.
Ethan Hulburt, Columnist February 4, 2017

Both teams played hard to bring home a win, but Horizon Honors put in an outstanding effort both offensively and defensively to emerge victorious with a score of 41-34. In the first seconds of the...

Varsity boys had outstanding offense.

Varsity Eagles Soared on Homecoming

On Friday, January 31, 2017, the Eagles won with an impressive score of 64 to 31 at their homecoming game.
Hannah Browning, Columnist January 28, 2017

The Tempe Preparatory Academy Knights were a tough opponent, but the Eagles played amazingly and won, thanks to outstanding offense from senior Connor Frith and senior Jarod Gates, along with great defense...

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