Arike Ogunbowale Wins Notre Dame The Title

AJ Freithoffer, Columnist

April 6, 2018

Notre Dame had possession with three seconds left after Mississippi States 6’7 center,  Teaira McCowan had committed her fifth foul while preventing Notre Dame from getting a clean layup. Then, according to the New York Times, the ball had been stolen by McCowan and passed to her teammate, Morgan William, but whil...

Cutting Edge is Cutting Skill

Evelyn Streit, Columnist

March 9, 2018

Whether you currently participate in a sport or just like to watch it, you can understand how the love of the game can spark some divisive arguments. One such controversy relates to whether technology used in some sports is beneficial to the players or if it takes away from the game and its purpose. ...

Barbara Stevens: Thousand Time Victor

AJ Freithoffer, Columnist

February 24, 2018

Barbara Stevens has been at Bentley University for 32 years now, and hopes to continue coaching there. Her first head coaching job was in 1977 at Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts, until she moved on to coach for Bentley and decided to stay. According to the New York Times, “Stevens has ...

HHMS Boys’ Basketball Begins

Max Larsen, Columnist

February 23, 2018

Middle school boys basketball tryouts are over, and a few practices have commenced. Another season filled with games and action is starting. With hopes of the making it to the championship, Horizon Honors boys have well thought out objectives and strategies for this season. The Horizon Sun: What are your expectations for ...

Welcome Back, Baseball…

Matt Butler, Columnist

February 23, 2018

We baseball fans have suffered through a long, boring offseason. The only big news of it has been Giancarlo Stanton getting traded to the Yankees, and that was in the beginning of December. Since then, it’s been relatively slow. But all that is coming to an end with the start of Spring Training. S...

Let’s Go USA!

Xander Sharpe, Columnist

February 16, 2018

The Pyeongchang Winter Olympics began on Feb. 8, 2018 and will end Feb. 25. This time span allows many different countries a chance to catch up with the current leading ones, and gives us, as viewers, the opportunity to watch in excitement and anticipation to see which countries will be victorious. T...

Swooping Through the Season with MS Softball

Savannah Selin, Columnist

February 14, 2018

The middle school softball team had an amazing season, taking home the championship title. They went through the season showing great sportsmanship, teamwork, and passion for the sport. The team took in some players that have never played before, but they really came through for the team and became the bes...

Joe McKnight Dies in Fatal Shooting

AJ Freithoffer, Columnist

February 2, 2018

The 28-year-old former Jets running back Joe McKnight was killed in a December 2016 road-rage confrontation, according to the New York Times. Ronald Gasser was found guilty of manslaughter on Friday, Jan. 26th. The 56-year-old was charged with second-degree murder, and will serve a life sentence because ...

Pat Shurmur Takes On the Giants

AJ Freithoffer, Columnist

January 27, 2018

Pat Shurmur had coached for the Minnesota Vikings as an offensive coordinator for the Minnesota Vikings before coming to the aid of the New York Giants. Last month, the New York Giants hired David Gettleman as their new general manager. Before coming to the Giants, he worked for the Carolina Panther...

The Dirty Truth Behind a Beautiful Game

Savannah Selin, Columnist

January 27, 2018

This year, the 2018 World Cup is going to be held in Russia, and nations across the world are excited to be part of this world-wide event. Even though they may be looking forward to it, the winners might not be awarded the title for their great playing, but possibly from bribes or the massive corruptio...