Appreciating the Everyday

For our own sake, we should do our best to be happier.

Malaysiah John, Columnist

February 17, 2020

Almost everyone knows that we all will eventually die and that no one lives forever. Many people have had life plans since they could talk, but few realize how valuable life actually is. Anyone can die at any moment. Some people, including me, live every day as if it were my last. This past weekend, ...

The Perfect Pet

The best pet is a personal debate, but one that should be addressed.

Kalyn McLeod, Columnist

February 17, 2020

Everybody knows that a dog is a man's best friend. However, not everyone agrees. Many have other pets, and consider them part of their family. And some strong opinions come with defending family members. At The Horizon Sun, each columnist has their own opinion on what the best pet is. Many different factors contr...

Philosophy Shulomosophy

Although philosophy may seem ancient, it has its place in modern times

Carsten Oyer, Columnist

November 25, 2019

Philosophy may seem like a huge, overwhelming topic, but in reality, it is within reach for anyone willing to adjust their thinking. The Basics of Philosophy defines philosophy as an investigation and questioning of reality, knowledge, beauty, and morals, among other things. However, the earliest version of the ...

Dancing and Inner Demons

An image of the columnist (bottom right) performing a dance.

Emily Withrow, Columnist

November 16, 2019

Generally, I am picky and detail-oriented about almost everything. I love to organize, place things where they belong, and have my own set schedule. Often, I reflect on myself and try to critique things I don’t like. You can see my perfectionist tendencies in how I have my pencil case organized, with ...

See you Plater!

Plates may be a staple, but that doesn't mean they should be.

Yaniv Golden, Columnist

September 27, 2019

Plates are useless. The only time plates are necessary and can’t be replaced is at Greek weddings. Bowls can do everything that plates can and more. If you think about it, a plate is a devolved form of a bowl; it’s just a bowl without the edges.  Although the inventor of the plate was lost through the ages, ea...

Failing to Understand Failure

Failure is a common fear of most high school students, despite its clear benefits.

Emily Withrow, Columnist

September 27, 2019

Many schools teach students to aim and achieve high grades to get into prestigious colleges or jobs. However, what many schools don’t acknowledge is the importance of failing. Failure is a term that is feared by many, but embraced by few. Schools teach their students to look down upon failing, causin...

A Perfectly Balanced Workload

Max Larsen, Columnist

May 15, 2019

A common misconception about extracurriculars is that having extra activities will interfere with the amount of school work you get done. However, I have noticed that the more involved I am with sports or extracurriculars, the better I seem to perform. During this year’s soccer season, I was co...

No Matter the Distance

Clarissa Smith, Columnist

May 9, 2019

When you have friends at school or from activities you regularly participate in, it’s not so difficult to maintain a relationship. This especially goes for family members, since you both live in the same house; but, if someone moved away, it would be a different story. To maintain these long-distance...

Which Sparkling Water Shines?

Max Larsen, Columnist

May 9, 2019

In 1767, English chemist Joseph Priestley accidentally infused water with carbon dioxide. Since then, “sparkling water,” now widely considered a delicacy, has been introduced throughout the world. Many water brands have branched off, such as Refreshe, Perrier, LaCroix, and San Pellegrino. My fami...

Which Sauce is Truly the Boss?

Clarissa Smith, Columnist

May 3, 2019

A question that not many have considered, but may sound familiar: what is the best condiment? People may debate over topics like which is the best fruit? Or maybe, what should be Arizona’s state drink (apparently not lemonade)? But now it’s time to tackle this new controversy.   To answer this questi...