Attack on Titan Review


The title image of Attack on Titan. Eren stood before his burning city.

Rob Dixon, Columnist

After catching the anime nation by storm, Attack on Titan has become one of the most talked about animes of all time. Attack on Titan is a story about a boy living in an alternate world where humans were nearly destroyed by a race of giant humanoids known as Titans. The Titans consumed much of the human race, not for food, but for pleasure. The humans had only one chance for survival: building a 50 meter stone wall to keep the Titans out and the humans in. 100 years later, a boy named Eren vowed to destroy all of the Titans after the death of his mother, which occurred shortly after two mysterious Titans, larger and stronger than all of the others, broke through the walls and into the city. Throughout much of the series, Eren faces his inner demons, both literally and figuratively, as he tries to come to complete terms with the death of his mother, disappearance of his father, and almost being killed multiple times.

Attack on Titan is a great story of a nearly psychopathic protagonist, a silent watcher, and a dependent best friend as they battle alongside the elite members of the Survey Corps in an attempt to find out where the Titans originated. Throughout the series all of the characters are challenged in ways that they couldn’t quite conceive, whether it be facing the death of a friend, coming to terms with their own weakness, or realizing that they can’t just do what they want.