Review of Rip ‘N Time’s new LP, Playing Her Guitar Suite

Review of Rip N Times new LP, Playing Her Guitar Suite

Anthony Airdo, Columnist

Rip ‘N Time is a band from the land of fame and fortune, Los Angeles, and all they want to do is to create new soundwaves in the musical ocean. They describe their new LP, Playing Her Guitar Suite, as “a magical road trip.” It has three songs, best listened to in a row. Their ultimate goal is to defeat the “Tarborgs,” evil robots explained in the graphic novella that is included with the CD. The lore they’ve built surrounding their band shrouds them in mystery, and the art in the novella isn’t half bad. The story makes absolutely no sense, but I can’t tell if that’s on purpose to make an artistic statement, or because the writing is amateur. In fact, the whole album mimics this pattern.

My feelings on the actual music are incredibly complex. On one hand, I enjoyed the “credits of an 80s movie” feel that the music had, but on the other hand, it’s so incredibly obtuse that I felt like I either had to be a musical appreciation professor or an 8 year old boy to understand it. I can’t tell if it’s ironic or serious, and I don’t know how to evaluate it either way. I will explain this: the music is for 5% of the population at best. It’s incredibly unique, which gives it an advantage, because it sounds like nothing I’ve ever heard, but I’m positive the majority of my friends wouldn’t enjoy it.

So would you enjoy this LP? It really comes down to what you like. If you think you can appreciate experimental 80s glam classic rock heavy metal, you’re going to dig the weird artistic sound that this album projects. For everyone else, try it, and maybe you’ll love it too.