Adopt, Don’t Shop


Elizabeth Stover

Adorable animals like this one are waiting for you at your local shelter.

Elizabeth Stover, Columnist

When searching for a new pet, buyers may go straight to a breeder. Many are after a certain breed at a certain age, and because of this, they don’t think to consider adoption. There are so many animals that have been abused, hurt, and left behind, and all they need is a home. If you are looking for a fun, loving, adorable family pet, then perhaps you should consider adoption as a viable option.

Adoption offers many often-overlooked benefits, and gives shelter animals a second chance at life. According to The Humane Society, 2.7 million cats and dogs are euthanized each year in the United States, often due to a lack of families willing to take them in. There are too many animals who need a home, and too few families who are willing to provide one. When you adopt  a pet, you are doing to provide a loving pet with the happy family they are in need of. And, it costs much less than going through a breeder.

Going through adoption will also find you animals who are not purebred, and this can come with lot of benefits. According to Dogster, when adopting a mixed breed, your pet is less likely to inherit diseases that come along with inbreeding. Mixed breeds also cost much less than purebreds, so if you are looking for a cheaper option, this is the way to go.

There are some circumstances in which buying from a breeder provides some benefit. If you need a dog for a specific job, such as service, police, hunting, or showing, breeding may be the best choice. For these dogs, you need them to be trained from day one, and they will need to be brought in as a puppy in order to be perfectly behaved and provide the service they need to. Other than this, breeding should not be the first resort.

When you adopt an animal, you’re not only providing a home and saving the life of one animal, you are also opening up space in the shelter for more animals who are in need of help. Additionally, the money you pay for the pet also goes to providing better homes and care for the animals still looking for a forever home. When you adopt a pet, it can help to save the lives of many more animals than just your new best friend.