Finding The Right Gym Membership

The best is up to you.


Amber Fretwell, Columnist

Hitting the gym might be a summer goal you’ve decided to take on, but the problem is that you don’t know which gym suits you best. There are so many different gyms in the valley that offer a variety of ways to work out. The list includes benefits such as tanning areas, unlimited guest privileges, and free classes you can take at certain gyms; most gyms even have different levels of membership that you can enroll in. Finding the best gym for yourself can be a difficult process, but once you find the one, you’ll be hooked. The best gym is a personal preference, and only you can decide what you want with what you’re willing to pay to have those extra privileges. All gyms offer membership cancellations if you feel that it’s too expensive, the gym hours don’t fit into your schedule, or if you’re just not a gym person.

EOS Fitness provides several membership levels: Basic, Gold, and Gold Plus. Each level has a starting fee that is only paid in the beginning, along with having the first thirty days free because of an enrollment special they offer. The Basic level has a $49 starting fee, with a ten dollar monthly fee, giving you access to cardio and strength equipment, the locker rooms, the swimming pool, a complementary workout, and a nutrition and lifestyle consultation with WeighBetr. The Gold and Gold Plus levels offer similar benefits, but Gold provides travel privileges, group exercise classes, zumba classes, yoga and cycling classes, EOS cinema, sauna, and access to all EOS locations. Gold does have a higher monthly price of $20/month, but with a whopping one dollar starting fee. The Gold Plus level also has a one dollar starting fee, but is $25/month. They have everything the Basic and Gold levels sport, in addition  to platinum EOS locations, unlimited tanning, and unlimited VIP guest privileges.

Another gym option is Planet Fitness. Just like EOS, Planet Fitness has different memberships available, but Planet Fitness offers two levels: the $10/month option and the $23/month option. When you join the $10/month plan, you’ll have unlimited access to the Home Club, free fitness training and wifi, as well as access to the locker room and all the equipment. When you join the $23/month option you also get those other advantages, plus the use of equipment at any location, unlimited guest privileges, tanning, massage chairs, hydromassage, total body enhancement, cheaper drink options, and 20 percent off Reebok products. Although Planet Fitness only offers two memberships, you are still able to use all the equipment, and you are able to pay to use the tanning area, massage chair, and hydromassage.

LA Fitness is another gym that has many locations in the valley that offers different membership plans depending on which location you choose to go to. The Ahwatukee West location only offers one type of membership which is a $99 initiation fee, and then a $30 monthly fee after that. The advantages you gain are access to basketball, indoor pool, racquetball, free wi-fi, group fitness classes, child care, sauna, whirlpool sauna, indoor cycling, personal training, and towels. LA Fitness has greater variety in equipment as well.

Finding the right gym can be a long process and may make you rethink about joining a gym, but there are so many different options you can choose from to find the right fit for you. Other gyms and locations offer different advantages/privileges, but it’s up to you to choose the best one for yourself.