Do A Deed And Donate

In the season of giving, consider giving to your community.


Photo Courtesy of Sammi Tester

The Salvation Army Angel Station at the Chandler Fashion Center has three trees to choose your angel from.

Sammi Tester, Editor of Student Opinion

My family has made it an unwritten tradition to give to some sort of charity around the holidays, which usually ends up being the Salvation Army. Whether it’s putting our spare change in the Salvation Army buckets or buying presents for an angel, we make sure that we do some sort of good for others. While many families have a similar tradition, I don’t think we, as a whole, are giving back nearly enough.

What’s on your holiday wish-list? A new phone, that shirt you’ve been wanting for a while, or gift card to your favorite store? While you might be anticipating what you find under wrapping paper and a bow, some kids may be waiting to see if they get any presents this year. According to a CBS News survey, 33 percent of Americans say they will not be able to cover holiday spending this year. However, only 19 percent claim they will have more than enough to cover the cost of the holidays.

This year, my mom and I went to the Salvation Army’s angel station at the Chandler mall and picked out two people. I picked a girl about my age and we bought her exactly what she wanted and a little more. My mom picked out a homeless man around her age and we bought him what he asked for. The homeless man only asked for basic essentials – gloves, a sleeping bag, thermos, etc. It gave us a warm feeling to know that we helped both of those people have a merrier Christmas this year.

Over Winter Break, most of us will be sitting at home or at a relative’s house. If you ever start to feel just a little boredom, which is inevitable, ask if you can go volunteer somewhere. You can also knock out some of your community service hours, too. It’s a win-win! Didn’t like that weird pair of socks you got? Why not donate them? There are plenty of opportunities like this that you can give back to someone less fortunate than you this holiday.