The Black Keys Turn Cool With “Turn Blue”

Cover artwork for Turn Cool, the newest album from The Black Keys.

Copyright The Black Keys 2014

Cover artwork for “Turn Cool”, the newest album from The Black Keys.

Anthony Airdo, Columnist

The Black Keys have put out a new album, and the question is: is it any good? The answer is a resounding sort-of. With “Turn Blue,” the Black Keys turn up their psychedelic elements. Starting as a bluesy rock group, they have over the course of their career transformed into something new. While style having that signature groove, they drop their pop oriented hooks from “El Camino” and play around more with 60s style tunes with dreamy effects. Their collaboration with producer Danger Mouse helps keep their music moving, and it really does work, thanks to their incredible musicianship. While feeling a little uninspired during certain songs, particularly “Fever,” The Black Keys still churn out the hits with songs like “10 Lovers” and “Bullet in the Brain.” “Bullet in the Brain” is a particularly upbeat song, and it heavily resembles U2’s original style of music. Another standout song is “Year In Review,” where the kick up the angelic vocals and keep the music bouncing. “It’s Up to You Now,” returns them more to their original roots, featuring a bluesier sound that mixes with this album’s new one. I almost mistook the song “Turn Blue” as an Arctic Monkeys song, but that’s the furthest thing from an insult. “Turn Blue” is a solid album, and the Black Keys have done it again.