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    Varsity Girls BasketballFri, Feb 11 Arete Prep35-44L
    Arete Prep35-44L
    Varsity Girls BasketballWed, Feb 09 Gilbert Classical55-25W
    Gilbert Classical55-25W
    Varsity Boys BasketballSat, Feb 05 Sequoia Charter43-87L
    Sequoia Charter43-87L
    Varsity Boys BasketballFri, Feb 04 Sequoia Pathway77-46W
    Sequoia Pathway77-46W
    Varsity Boys BasketballWed, Feb 02 Rancho Solano Prep26-74L
    Rancho Solano Prep26-74L
    Varsity Boys SoccerTue, Feb 01 Gilbert Christian0-1L
    Gilbert Christian0-1L
    HS Girls SoccerTue, Feb 01 Gilbert Christian0-8L
    Gilbert Christian0-8L
    Varsity Boys BasketballTue, Feb 01 Chandler Prep46-48L
    Chandler Prep46-48L
    HS Varsity Girls' BasketballTue, Feb 01 Chandler Prep48-33W
    Chandler Prep48-33W
    Varsity Boys BasketballFri, Jan 28 Highland Prep45-74L
    Highland Prep45-74L
    HS Varsity Girls' BasketballFri, Jan 28 Highland Prep63-17W
    Highland Prep63-17W
    JV Boys BasketballFri, Jan 28 Highland Prep32-62L
    Highland Prep32-62L
    HS Boys' SoccerThu, Jan 27 Chandler Prep1-1T
    Chandler Prep1-1T
    HS Girls SoccerThu, Jan 27 Chandler Prep1-5L
    Chandler Prep1-5L
    JV Boys BasketballThu, Jan 27 Gilbert Classical47-42W
    Gilbert Classical47-42W
    HS Varsity Boys' BasketballThu, Jan 27 Gilbert Classical38-46L
    Gilbert Classical38-46L
    HS Varsity Girls' BasketballThu, Jan 27 Gilbert Classical52-42W
    Gilbert Classical52-42W
    Varsity Boys SoccerThu, Jan 06 AZ College Prep0-3L
    AZ College Prep0-3L
    HS Girls SoccerThu, Jan 06 AZ College Prep0-12L
    AZ College Prep0-12L
    Varsity Girls BasketballTue, Jan 04 Rancho Solano Prep60-24W
    Rancho Solano Prep60-24W
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