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Hannah Browning is a freshman in her first year as a part of The Horizon Sun and a student at Horizon Honors. However, Browning isn’t new to journalistic writing; she was able to write for her school’s newspaper in sixth grade. She is excited to be pursuing her interest in journalism at the school as a columnist and also been a designer for a bridal gown store. At this moment, Journalism is Browning’s favorite class, but she still enjoys all of her other classes. This is rather surprising, since she wasn’t expecting high school to be fun due to some rough experiences in middle school. She is thriving at her new school with excellent grades and plenty of extracurriculars. Browning is definitely excited to see what the next few years of high school have in store for her. Outside of academics, Browning is involved in various activities. As of right now, her main focus is swimming: she swims for three hours nearly every day. In addition to this, Browning enjoys tumbling recreationally. Before this year, she cheered and did gymnastics almost her whole life and only swam in recreational summer programs.; Although she cannot do cheer anymore with her new commitment to swimming, she loves that it hasn’t completely left her life. This may seem like a lot of exercise, but Browning also enjoys doing barre, spin, pound, and muscle classes at her gym in her free time. Overall, she enjoys a variety of sports and other ways of staying active.

Hannah Browning, Columnist

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News & Campus Life for the Students of Horizon Honors