Noah Molinar

Noah Molinar, Campus Life Editor

Noah Molinar is currently a junior at Horizon Honors and is a first-time editor in Journalism. Molinar has been attending Horizon for 11 years, and has been in classes with Mrs. Britt for three years. In those years he has grown as a designer and creator, which has led to him being an editor in the yearbook for the second time. As for Journalism, his interest in writing and the possibility of him pursuing a career in some type of journalism has led him to take journalism and become an editor for The Horizon Sun. Molinar looks forward to having a positive contribution to the Horizon Sun, and is excited to help columnists become better writers and create quality, reliable, and interesting articles.  In his free time, he enjoys playing competitive soccer among other things that he loves. These include working out, playing with his dog, and spending time with friends. He has an interest in photography as well, which is part of why he has found success in yearbook over the years, and hopes for that success to carry over into being an editor in journalism. He is looking forward to a very productive, beneficial, and enjoyable year of Journalism.

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