Thomas Matteo

Thomas Matteo, Media Team


Thomas is a member of the Tech Team in Journalism and enjoys his time taking pictures for his class. Thomas plans to go to Grand Canyon University after he completes high school, where he plans to pursue his lifelong dream of becoming a video game designer. Thomas has only been at horizon for one week and loves how the students are so kind to him; he prefers to be with the ones close to him then going to large public events.

Thomas enjoys spending his time playing Xbox and PlayStation, but mostly enjoys going shooting with his dad at shooting ranges. His favorite subject in school is PE, mostly because he likes to play sports with his fellow students instead of pounding in school work. Thomas also has a distinct interest in building and designing, he likes to work on projects with his dad, mostly on building furniture for their house. Thomas loves to learn new interesting things every day and will enjoy his time at horizon.

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