Zach Coy, Columnist

Zach Coy is a seventh grader residing in Phoenix, Arizona, and is currently in his eighth year at Horizon Honors. He enjoys sketching, reading, doing absolutely nothing, and being with his friends, who are an important aspect of his life. He also enjoys involving himself in a variety of creative and interesting activities, dreaming of later becoming a stunt pilot. Currently, Zach is acting in his school play, as drama is one of his favorite hobbies. Although he loves being around people, he can be socially awkward and introverted in unfamiliar settings. Zach’s results from the Myers-Briggs are, in fact, 96% introverted and 4% extroverted. In tune with this side of himself, Zach loves to devote time to snuggle up with a blanket and a book.  

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