Brandon Dosen
Brandon Dosen is a 13-year-old who is currently in the eighth grade. He is attending Horizon Honors for his seventh year, and his first year as a columnist. He is excited to be able to write for the school and discuss events and topics. Outside of school, Dosen attends a martial arts school, where he is a first degree blackbelt in taekwondo. He likes to play basketball, read, and enjoys being with his friends and family. Dosen also loves to play with his dog named Butterscotch, who is currently four years old. More things that he likes to do outside of school is traveling and visiting new places, wanting to visit all fifty of the states. So far, he has accomplished traveling to seven of the states, and is about to travel to his eighth state, Utah. Interested in video editing and writing, he is trying to learn the ups and downs of both during school; doing it in his spare time as well. This interest led him to pursue Journalism, where he is trying to improve his skills as a writer. While taking Journalism, he is in his second year in the Middle School Student Council, where he plans and sets up the middle school socials and events. 

Brandon Dosen, Columnist

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