Carsten Oyer
Carsten Oyer is a freshman columnist for the Horizon Sun. This will be his second year in journalism. After a successful year in the class, he is excited to continue writing and exploring the class. After a long break, Oyer is ready to dive back into the writing process. This year, he wants to diversify his articles to cover anything of interest to the Sun’s readers. Oyer is very active both in school and out of school. He is involved in many activities including Speech and Debate, Model UN, and the Harry Potter Club. This has helped him become immensely involved with his school. Besides these activities, Oyer is an athlete for the Horizon Honors Swim and Dive Team, and enjoys swimming very much. Oyer also plays the piano and volunteers his time at church. He has two dogs: Sadie and Kiwi. He also appreciates spending time with his friends and family. He loves to read; his book interests are very diverse, as you could find him buried in either a classic or something more modern, such as the “Percy Jackson” series. He also loves to write, a passion which led him to the journalism class in the first place. Additionally, Oyer loves Hamilton, as well as several other musicals. Oyer can’t wait to continue writing for the Horizon Sun, and is excited to keep learning more about journalism.

Carsten Oyer, Columnist

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