Cooper Brown
Cooper Brown is currently participating in his last year of government-mandated high school education. This is his 13th year at Horizon Honors, meaning he is an official member of the so-called “Kinder Gang.” Brown has prided himself by expanding his interests over his years at Horizon Honors. He continues to enjoy his primary passion of baseball, and has come to enjoy expanding his mind in a wide array of academic pursuits through vigorous independent research via the internet, among other sources.

Very much on accident did Brown discover the unique environment which encompasses room 217: the abode of Mrs. Britt, The Horizon Sun, and the Misfit Toys which inhabit this strange region of the Horizon Honors campus. His first year as a columnist awoke in him a desire to reach out into a career which would include editing of photography and sports articles. In his fourth and final culminating year under the guidance of the venerable Christi Britt, Brown will return to his familiar position as Editor of Photography and will take on the responsibilities of Website Administrator.

Cooper Brown, Editor of Photography/Website Administrator

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