Jake Matise is entering his second year at Horizon Honors and second as a part of the Journalism team. After taking Journalism 1-2 last year, Matise really enjoyed it and is glad to be back for another year. He is excited for the challenges and activities that await him this year in Journalism 3-4. Matise is eager to participate in extracurricular activities such as Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) and high school athletics as well.

When Matise is not in the classroom, you most likely will find him on a baseball field. He has been playing baseball since the age of six, and has been playing competitively on a USSSA club baseball team throughout Arizona since the age of nine. He aspires to play high school baseball this year and beyond in the future with continuous hard work. His favorite foods include fried chicken, calamari, and macaroni and cheese. Matise's other interests include listening to music, building models, and playing blackjack with friends and family.

Jake Matise, Columnist

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