Luke Tafoya
Luke Tafoya is a freshman at Horizon Honors. He is 14 and this is his fifth year at Horizon. Although he's not experienced with writing, he is trying to change that. Tafoya is looking forward to his first year in journalism, hoping to become a better writer on the way. 

At home, Tafoya has five people in his family: one sister, one brother and two dogs with one being a puppy. Some things Tafoya enjoys to do outside of school include camping, swimming, hiking, running, reading, writing, animating, hanging out with his dogs, and photography. He also likes anything related to technology, which has been his interest since he was little. Tafoya loves to scuba dive and snorkel whenever he is by the ocean,  and if he's in the snow, he loves to ski and snowboard. 

Luke Tafoya, Columnist

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