Noah Thompson
Noah Thompson is an eighth grader at Horizon Honors, and is a columnist for The Horizon Sun. Thompson’s interests include video editing, 2D animation, music theory, music composition, playing music, calligraphy, and spending time with family. Although Thompson has lived in Arizona his whole life, he loves to travel abroad. His favorite trips have been visiting England, The Czech Republic, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Iceland, and Puerto Rico. This is his first year in journalism, and his sixth year at Horizon Honors. Thompson loves to write and enjoys researching interesting topics. He likes reading fiction, especially mythological fiction. Thompson also enjoys reading and swimming. Thompson spends a large portion of his free time playing the oboe and practicing with the Phoenix Youth Symphony’s Wind Orchestra. Thompson has four older sisters and three nephews. On top of that, Thompson has three dogs, and enjoys spending time with them. Thompson also has two older step-brothers. Though half of his family lives in Kansas, Thompson is about 45% British, and also has three distant cousins in England. Thompson's favorite vacation spot is Dover, England. He is excited to be writing for The Horizon Sun this year.

Noah Thompson, Columnist

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