Pradyoth Velagapudi
Pradyoth Velagapudi is a junior at Horizon Honors and managing editor for The Horizon Sun. When he’s not hard at work as an editor, he’s either nose deep in a good book or hanging out with his friends. In his spare time, he likes writing, reading, playing video games, and practicing the saxophone. He has been a Horizon Honors student since kindergarten. 

Outside of school, Velagapudi participates in Scouts BSA. He enjoys boy scouting for its many outdoor adventures, and during his 7 years as a scout, he has been hiking, horseback riding, indoor skydiving, backpacking, kayaking, and even scuba diving. Velagapudi earned his Eagle Scout rank in January 2020. 

Velagapudi is also an active member of Model United Nations. He is the president of Horizon Honors’ Model UN club and has won several distinguished delegate awards (at the U of A and MCC conferences). His favorite events are “crisis committees,” fast-paced and loosely moderated debate sessions concerning specific geopolitical issues. 

An avid reader, Velagapudi enjoys devouring any books he can find, from science fiction and fantasy to history and political theory. He particularly enjoys comics, and his current obsession is the DC supernatural horror series John Constantine: Hellblazer

Pradyoth Velagapudi, Managing Editor

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