Rebecca Harris
Rebecca Harris is an eighth grader who moved to Horizon Honors in seventh grade. She loves to read and write, and can always be found with at least one book related project on her hands. Harris can read very fast, and has been known to finish large books in just a few hours.  Harris loves to travel, and wants to go around the world when she is older. She has been to many different places, with some of her recent trips including Greece, Italy, Switzerland, and France. The top places on her bucket list are Japan and Israel. Harris has been dabbling in music for most of her life, and has played the concert flute for eight and a half years. She also plays piano and the Indian flute as side instruments. Harris likes to sing and act, and has been involved in musical theatre for six years. Aside from her musical aspects, Harris has been skiing for seven years, painting for five years, running for three years, cooking for nine years, and rollerblading for a year. Harris’ favorite season is winter, and she has earned the nicknames “Polar Bear” and “Penguin” due to her love for the cold. Another reason as to why Harris loves winter is because of the snow, which she sees regularly. She has lived in Arizona all her life, but wants to move somewhere colder when she grows up.  Harris currently has two gerbils, a dog, two cousins, and a sister. She and her sister are close, and get along very well. 

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