Tiara Chakkaw
Tiara is currently a 16-year-old in grade 11 who has attended Horizon Honors since fifth grade. On weekends she works as a waitress at her family-owned restaurant, Thai Basil Chandler.  As a hobby, Tiara figure skates and is currently at pre-preliminary level. She says she is taking a break from ice skating as of now, but plans to continue in the near future.

Tiara is a 2nd year Journalism student, and is currently an Associate editor for Features and Extras. She initially took journalism because she enjoyed writing and found the journalism field interesting.

Tiara plans to become a pharmacist. She will most likely major in Biology at U of A for her undergraduate years, and continue her graduate studies at the U of A College of Pharmacy.


Tiara Chakkaw, Associate Editor - Features and Extras

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