Men Deported For Being Too Attractive


Kai Farley, Columnist

The Arabic newspaper, Elaph, reported on that three United Arab Emirate (U.A.E.)  men were deported from the capital of Saudi, Riyadh to Abu Dhabi for being too attractive. Omar Borkan Al Gala is one of the men who was removed from the country, and he is also the only man who has been identified. The three men were attending the Jenadriyah Heritage and Cultural Festival when an officer kicked them out of the country with the concern that they would distract women from the festivities because of their looks. Officers believed it was a wiser decision to deport the males than to tempt or corrupt the women who attended the festival.

Al Gala is enjoying the attention from Twitter Instagram and Facebook fans. He was interviewed by GMA channel seven, a local Philippines television network. He spoke about how he enjoys the attention and favorite part from it all is that he gets asked for pictures. He also told Yahoo’s omg! NOW that he views his beauty as a gift from God.He wants to make sure he uses it in the right way.