Symphonic Band Winter Concert

Rob Dixon, Columnist

On Wednesday, Dec. 11, Horizon Honors Symphonic Band performed their winter concert, themed the Winter holidays . During the event, they performed a variety of songs, including “Rhapsody for Hanukkah,” “Carol of the Night,” “Fantasy on Coventry Carol,” and “A Charlie Brown Christmas.”

Students warming up before the concert. The concert started around 7:45 p.m.

Conductor, Brian Murphy bows after the completion of  the group’s opening piece.

Junior Brigit Fitzgerald, Sophomore Joey Vitagliano, Senior Ryan Lundin (pictured left to right) perform as part of the jazz ensemble. The students brought a jazzy tone to “A Charlie Brown Christmas.”

Performers taking a short breath from a long phrase. The performers held a sustained note.

Senior Andi Vitagliano and Sophomore Joy Pizorno standing at the end of the concert. The performers rose and bowed to the audience.

All Photography by Rob Dixon © 2013