6 Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

Have you ever had a freak out because you had a Halloween party in an hour but no costume? No need to worry now, because the Horizon Sun gives you six last minute ideas to save your night.

Mackenzie Visnansky, Columnist

Not all costumes have to be super intricate. Don’t get me wrong, I do love getting a good scare out of how real someone’s costume looks. However, we don’t all have time to do that. In fact, some of us forget about Halloween until it’s the day of. All the stores are out of costumes or at least costumes in your size. No need to worry because now The Sun can save your night. Here are six costumes that you can quickly make with items from around your house!

Cereal Killer

IMG_4969 (3)

This costume is a definite play on words. Instead of a serial killer, you are a cereal killer. You will need three things to make this hilarious gimmick:

  • An empty cereal box
  • Rope
  • Red paint or a red marker

You first need to cut holes in the box (it doesn’t matter where) and paint around the holes red. The paint or marker should create a realistic blood feel. Next, cut small holes (estimate based on the size of your rope) in your box big enough to put the rope through. Tie your rope, put it around your neck, and voila! your Halloween night has been saved.


IMG_5024 (1)

This ghoulish costume is a personal favorite of mine and can be made in a matter of minutes. You need only two things to make this quick and easy costume:

  • A small book
  • Duct Tape (be sure to carry extra with you throughout the night.)

The first and last thing you will need to do is attach the book to your cheek, preferably on the side so you can see. In only a matter of minutes you have become Facebook!


IMG_5048 (1)

This costume takes you back to your Little Mermaid days as becoming a jellyfish will certainly make you feel like a kid again. To create this cute costume, you need:

  • An umbrella
  • Streamers
  • Tape or hot glue

Once you have gathered your materials you need to cut around 15 streamer pieces (number may differ depending on umbrella size). These pieces need to be a bit smaller than you but still relatively long.  after you have cut everything you need to tape or hot glue the streamers to the brim of the umbrella. From there all you have to do is walk around holding an umbrella; bonus, if it starts to rain you’re covered.

Pig in a Blanket


Becoming a pig (in a blanket) doesn’t require much effort or time. For this costume, you will three things:

  • Pink shirt and pants (if desired)
  • Blanket
  • Two pieces of paper or felt cut into triangles
  • Beanie or Headband

To make the ears, hot glue the pieces of paper to a headband (if you don’t want to use a beanie). All you have to do after that all you have to do is get dressed and wrap yourself in a blanket. Pig in a blanket is a creative and cute costume.


IMG_5008 (1)

The tourist costume is the easiest of all. This costume is the one for you if you need to leave in five minutes and don’t yet have a costume. By using only three things you yourself can become a tourist;

  • Fanny pack or purse
  • High socks
  • Shirt
  • Binoculars (optional)

Tuck in your shirt, wear high socks, and slap on a fanny pack. You could be a perfect tourist (or just have the perfect costume).

Identity Thief

IMG_4950 (1)

For this spooktacular costume, you will need:

  • A Pack of BLANK name cards
  • T-Shirt
  • Marker

From here, you need to write names on the blank name cards and slap them on your shirt. Now you can go to your Halloween party not only with a punny costume but with a costume for all the celebrities you could want!