Middle School Eagles Soar to First Place in Championship

Horizon Honors’ middle school soccer soars their way to become champions of the Valley Christian Schools League.

Maritza Ramirez, Columnist

The Horizon Honors’ middle school soccer team is made up of 17 athletes, both boys and girls, in seventh and eighth grade. This co-ed team has become more than a team: throughout all of their victories and losses, they’ve have become closer and become a family. Apparently, these 13 boys and four girls makes a pretty good team since they only had one loss and 12 victories!

This championship that they won this past week meant a lot to this team, and it was a big game for everyone participating in it. So when they had actually won the championship, they were very proud and glad knowing that they had done something that wasn’t easy to accomplish. The ending score was 1-0, and the winning goal was made by seventh grader, Cade Komar. He made an amazing kick into the net with an assist by Will Armstrong. That moment of getting the ball inside of the net was an awesome feeling for the whole team because that meant they were one step closer from heading to being the winners of the championship.

Jake Steward, one of the goalkeepers of the team, has been on this team since last year and has been absolutely amazed with how much the team has improved. “The best part about being on this team is knowing that there is someone who’s by your side to help you play,” says Steward, “and this year’s team is full of many people to help do that.” This is Steward’s second year of playing this sport, and he has been impressed with how much teamwork this team has compared to the others he’s played on.

His start of soccer was all just simply because of starting to kick a ball and later on decided to make it into a hobby. “One day I just happened to be outside playing with my brother and we just started kicking a ball, and so later on, we decided to make it into something we would both like to do,” Steward grew up with four older siblings and two of them were able to help guide him through the way of playing soccer and ever since that start, he’s always liked to play. “My favorite team I’ve ever played on, by far, is this one. Horizon’s middle school soccer is the best team that I’ve played on and it’s a shame this is my last year playing for it.”

“Being on this team has been one of the best experiences of my life” Jake adds, “and I know that with the help of the new people being added on the team, the team will be determined to do great things.”