Limited Parking Spots for Students at Horizon Honors

This summer, the parking lot space will now be 100 spaces and will mainly affect the students who are driving themselves to school and depend on a lot for their car.


Photo Courtesy of Caroline Lilleoer

Soon there are going to be some changes to the parking lot across from the school: the addition of Mountain Park Community Church.

Caroline Lilleoer, Columnist

Changes are coming regarding to parking lot space. Mountain Park Community Church is taking some of the parking spots, which is used today for parking at Horizon Honors for students and teachers. These changes will especially affect students who drive themselves to school and, therefore, are depending on these spots. Not all parking space is taken as Mountain Park Community Church has decided to let us keep approximately 100 of the current parking spaces during construction. Unexpected but good news is that, instead of March, the Frye Road improvements will begin this summer. This gives the current seniors not as much to worry about. Horizon Honors will also be able to use the parking lot after construction as well.

All the families who participated in the Parent Parking Forums helped with this. In the meetings on Nov. 6 and Dec. 1, there were discussions about ideas for future planning. It is unsure whether there will be further changes when we are getting closer to summer, but updates will be sent out in the e-blasts or on the Horizon Honors website: