Wear a Cap, Find a Cure

Cancer has affected and changed so many people’s lives. Soon, Horizon Honors will take a stand to support the people who have battled or who are still battling cancer.

Sophia Selin, Columnist

Have you had a family member, friend, or peer, who has been affected by cancer? On Feb. 8, it is Horizon Honors’ time to step up again and show that we care about finding a cure for this disease. Participate in Cap for Cures by purchasing a pass in the office for only $5, and this will allow you to wear your favorite hat for an entire week. You are able to purchase the passes in the front office; in class and outside of your class, you are allowed to wear hats ranging from beanies to fedoras. Horizon Honors is excited to see all your hats!

Caps for Cure will support Horizon Honors’ Relay for Life, which is a great effort to fix a problem that affects so many, even at Horizon Honors. “In 2016, an estimated 1,685,210 new cases of cancer will be diagnosed in the United States, and 595,690 people will die from the disease,” predicts the National Cancer Institute.  These statistics are another sign of how cancer affects so many. According to a survey of Horizon Honors, 60 out of 65 high schoolers at Horizon Honors have known somebody who has been affected by cancer. All seven teachers surveyed to have known someone who has had cancer. 27 out of 33 middle schoolers have know someone affected by the disease. Something needs to be done; it has taken so many people’s lives. But we are together can beat cancer.

Be sure to support the overall event – Relay for Life – where you walk or run to support cancer on Friday, Feb. 19. You will have to hurry up to find a team, but there are plenty of open spots. The basic idea behind the Relay for Life is to fight against cancer. What you will have to do is join a team and walk or run laps around a track. The event will last until 12 a.m. since cancer never sleeps neither will we. So far, the 23 teams and 105 participants have raised over $5,000. Way to go Horizon Honors and donate to keep up the great work!