HONK! If You Love This Play

The spring musical “HONK!,” debuting on Friday, April 22, is a phenomenal show hatched from the talented stars at Horizon Honors.

Sophia Selin, Columnist

This delightful retelling of the classic story “The Ugly Duckling” is definitely a must-see for all Horizon Honors’ students. The show will premiere on Friday, April 22, and there will be performances on Saturday, April 23, Friday, April 29, and Saturday, April 30. As well as all the adoring parents and siblings at the parent performance on Thursday, April 21, The Horizon Sun was also there to cover the first show, so our readers could get a glimpse into this wonderful spring production.

“HONK!” is a new take on an ancient fable “The Ugly Duckling.” Our main character, Ugly (played by freshman Burke Wood), looks far from his darling brothers and sisters when he hatches on the farm. But when he goes missing because Cat (played by sophomore Ella Coste) lured him into coming to “have lunch with her,” his mother, Ida (played by senior Joy Pizorno) goes on a wild goose chase to find him. While some of his family dismiss him, his mother continues to search, and Ugly goes on an adventure of his own. He meets diverse characters, ranging from charming (and warty) frogs to uniform military geese; from all these eccentric characters, he realizes that being different isn’t all that bad.

Joshua Garrett – the music director that actually performed in this show as a student when Horizon Honors had it as production several years ago – says that his favorite song is “Now I’ve Seen You,” which is in Act II, sung by Penny and Ugly. The costumes were fresh and colorful, modern yet classic. As well as the costumes, the set was also fantastic. There were a lot of different set changes to make the setting feel realistic. The moral of this play will touch everyone’s heart in one way or another, and it is what is on the inside that matters and be you unapologetically.

“HONK!” is most definitely a show worth watching. It’s a great way to support your community, to have a laugh, and to just watch a lovely and sweet play that dozens of talented students have put a lot of effort into creating.