Student Spotlight: Trevor Tam

Trevor Tam is a senior at Horizon Honors, who has won state twice and is at the top of his class.

Aidan Greger, Columnist

Senior Trevor Tam’s final season of cross country at Horizon Honors is coming to a close. Tam is going to State Finals on Saturday, Nov. 5, after a great season. Tam, who is the only runner to qualify for state on Horizon Honors’ team, has balanced his athletic success with his rigorous academics.     

The Horizon Sun: How did you get into Cross Country?

Trevor Tam: I got into Cross Country through the middle school program, but I was also inspired by another runner who almost made state.

The Sun: How do feel as this is your last year here at Horizon Honors?

TT: Sort of bittersweet, bitter because this is such a big part of my life, and sweet because I am excited to move on to a whole new level.

The Sun: Has cross country benefited you throughout high school?

TT:Yes, it has, it teaches you time management because you have to balance schoolwork and and other things like cross country.  

The Sun: Have you thought about doing cross country in college?

TT:Yes, I have thought about it. I am looking and several different schools and have had coaches contact me.