Boys’ Volleyball is Breaking the Set Expectations

Horizon Honors’ boys’ volleyball are spiking fear in many schools who have underestimated our 400-student school.

Kylee Golden, Editor of Sports

Horizon Honors’ boys’ volleyball team is only a division 5A team but have dominated the best teams in the state, including the third-ranked team in the state, Perry High School. They were successful last year as they made it into the playoffs and are determined to make it even farther this year.

The Horizon Sun: How long have you been playing volleyball?

Aidan Barry, senior: I have been playing volleyball since my freshman year. At the beginning of my freshman year, the coach held a camp, and from that point on, I just kept playing.

Trevor Weary, senior: I honestly can’t remember. I’ve been playing for so long. Most likely sixth grade but I was so young and it was such a long time ago that it’s hard to remember exactly when.

Luke Butler, junior: I have been playing volleyball since my freshman year.

The Sun: What has been your favorite moment this season?

AB: My favorite moment this season was when we beat Perry High School in the Wolf Howl tournament at Chandler High School because no one expected us to win and they are a highly ranked 6A team.

TW: Um, I feel like beating Corona during the Notre Dame tournament was a really big step in the right direction. We only had a couple losses this season, and these 6A teams are definitely a little bit more skilled than we are, so it was a pretty big milestone.

LB: I’d have to say beating Perry was probably our biggest moment.

The Sun: What has been the most difficult moment this season?

AB: The most difficult moments this season were when we have been down in a set or a game and we’ve had injured players [all season], so we had to overcome adversity to win the game and we have done that time and time again.

TW: Acclimating some of the new players. We are trying to get them up to speed as fast as we can. More than halfway through the season, they have done a great job progressing their game and learning the ins and outs. They are really just gelling well with the guys.

LB: The most difficult moment would probably be the whole Chandler tournament since all of the teams were significantly bigger than us.

The Sun: How have you guys dealt with all the injuries?

AB: A lot of the underclassman stepped up into roles that they are not necessarily comfortable with and I am really proud of them. We also have a really good mental toughness and we play at a high level with high intensity. Last year we went deep into the playoffs, so we have been there before.

LB: I think we are doing really well with easing the people back into the game and with the help of our great manager who helped tape our players.

The Sun: How does it feel to be beating 6A teams?

AB: It feels really good because we are a school with 400 students. Nobody really knows who we are and we are ranked in the top 100 in the country and currently number eight in the state of Arizona, according to MaxPreps. People know who we are now, and even though we are just a 5A team, we beat the number three team in the state.

TW: It’s not something everyone can say they’ve done. It is definitely something that is earned and not given. A lot of these teams are in and out of the club world and going out of state to play club volleyball. We might not win some of these games, but we are one step closer to showing we are improving.

LB: I feel like we are finally making a name for ourselves.

Weary signed his letter of intent to play volleyball at GCU and is excited for his first college-level season, saying, in regards to his expectations for his first year of college volleyball: “It’s hard for me to put my finger on it because I’m not exactly part of the family yet, but I feel like practices are going to be a really important part of next season. I have spoken with a lot of collegiate coaches and athletes over the years and they have all told me practices are going to be the largest part of my season.”