Mckenna Arenz brought pride to Horizon Honors with her record breaking season.
Mckenna Arenz brought pride to Horizon Honors with her record breaking season.

Slam Dunk for Senior McKenna Arenz

McKenna Arenz breaks Horizon Honors’ record for point total this season.

March 2, 2016

Senior McKenna Arenz started playing basketball at eight years old, and just played her last year for Horizon Honors with a record of 490 points in the season. In this interview, she talks about her experience this season and gives advice for future basketball athletes.

The Horizon Sun: What is it that you like about basketball?

McKenna Arenz:  I play the game because I find it very fun and challenging, there is always something that I can improve on getting better at.

The Sun: What motivates you to play?

MA: “Getting better is what motivates me.”

The Sun: If you were to summarize this season, how would you describe it?

MA:This season was so much fun, the team was a family and everyone got along and had so much fun with each other. It was fun to travel with the team on the retreat, camp Verde tournament, and state. This season was also my personal best season so that made it even more enjoyable.”

The Sun: Do you have any future plans for your basketball career?

MA:Unfortunately I do not have any plans to play in college, but I am assistant coaching for the middle school girls’ team and hopefully will start refereeing games.”

The Sun: Do you have any advice for future basketball players and athletes?

MA:Advice for future athletes would be to try basketball out and enjoy the time you have to play in high school because it goes by really fast. Also, put in all your effort and hard work because it all pays off in the end!”

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