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2017-2018 Staff

Kate Allen


Kate Allen is a sophomore attending her ninth year at Horizon Honors and is taking on her first year in Journalism. Allen spends a lot of her free time playing basketball, swimming competitively, going to concerts, horseback ri...

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Evelyn Streit


Evelyn Streit is 12 years old and a seventh grader at Horizon Honors. This is her eighth year at the school, and it won’t be her last! Streit recently played volleyball as an outside hitter for the school team, and has now st...

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Griffin Sonnemann-Creed


Griffin Sonnemann-Creed is a columnist, sophomore, and armchair historian working for The Horizon Sun. After attending Horizon Honors for eleven years, this is his first year working for the school newspaper. Griffin’s inte...

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Xander Sharpe


Xander Sharpe is a seventh grader in his first year at Horizon Honors and in Journalism, and he is very excited to experience both. In his free time, Sharpe loves to make slime, read books, watch YouTube, play video games, and ...

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Savannah Selin


Savannah Selin is 13 years old in seventh grade and is in her third year at Horizon Honors. She joined Journalism for the first time because she wanted to improve her writing skills and have fun at the same time. She likes to ...

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Conner McMillan


Conner McMillan is a freshman in highschool who is enjoying his first year of Journalism. McMillan has attended Horizon Honors scene he was in Pre-K, so he’s been here for 11 years. McMillan likes to watch sports and play with h...

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Jaidan Leonard


Jaidan Leonard is 12 years old and a seventh grader in her first year at Horizon Honors. Leonard wanted to join Journalism this year because she loves writing and the class sounded fun. She has being playing soccer since she ...

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Max Larsen


Max Larsen has been at Horizon Honors for nine years and is in his first year in Journalism, which he hopes to continue in. He loves playing soccer and football, and he likes to take good photos for Instagram and Journalism pu...

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Courtney Kendall


Courtney Kendall has been at Horizon Honors for eight years. She loves riding her bike, going on hikes, collecting seashells, and playing with her dog, Bailey, who means the world to her. Kendall’s other hobbies include singing, ...

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Naya Johnson


Naya Johnson is a sophomore in her second year at Horizon Honors. This is her first year in Journalism. Johnson tries to participate in as many clubs as she can, and is currently involved in Model United Nations, Protecting Our ...

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Allyssa Gauer


Allyssa Gauer is currently in seventh grade and has been at Horizon Honors for eight years. She took on the challenge of becoming a columnist in the 2017-2018 Journalism class to become a better writer, and because she enjoys ...

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AJ Freithoffer


AJ Freithoffer is a freshman in high school who is enjoying his first year of Journalism as a columnist. He took this class because he wants to pursue a career in sports journalism, something he has been interested in from a y...

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Emily Christian


Emily Christian is an eighth grader in her first year at Horizon Honors, and is looking forward to writing articles as a columnist testing the waters of Journalism. Christian enjoys binge watching shows (and binge reading, for h...

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Brandon Bybee


Brandon Bybee is a seventh grader in his fifth year at Horizon Honors and is hopeful as a columnist in his first year of Journalism. He spends his time playing video games, reading, drawing, and on the internet. Some of his fa...

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Matt Butler


Matt Butler is a 17-year-old senior at Horizon Honors. He has attended Horizon since kindergarten and will be graduating at the end of this school year. Butler spends his free time hanging out with friends, watching movies, and w...

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Zefren Brandt


Zefren Brandt is a seventh grader in his third year at Horizon Honors. He is excited and ready to take on his first year of Journalism, and otherwise spends his time drawing, hanging out with friends, playing video games, and going ...

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Reese Bennett


Reese Bennett is an eighth grader at Horizon Honors, and in her first year writing for the Horizon Sun. She wanted to take Journalism to improve her skills in writing and get around more, and has goals to become a better and mo...

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Hannah Browning


Hannah Browning is a sophomore in her second year as a part of The Horizon Sun and a student at Horizon Honors. She is excited to be the Editor of Campus Life after being a columnist last year. Journalism is her favorite clas...

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Taylor Terreri


Taylor Terreri is the Features and Extras editor at The Horizon Sun. She started taking journalism her first year at Horizon Honors as a freshman because she enjoys writing and has always been interesting in the subject. Terreri ...

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Addy Bennett


Addy Bennett is a junior in her tenth year at Horizon Honors and is excited to take on the role of Editor-in-Chief in her fifth year of Journalism. Bennett spends her free time crocheting, baking, eating, playing video games, an...

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Selina Fluty

Editor of Student Opinion

Selina Fluty is a sophomore at Horizon Honors. She has been at Horizon Honors since kindergarten. This is her fourth year in Journalism and her second year on the leadership team as the Editor of Student Opinion. Fluty is excit...

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