Simple, Easy, DIY That Can be Made by Anyone
Simple, Easy, DIY That Can be Made by Anyone

Celestial Glow Jar

Get ready for an out-of-this-world tutorial. If you want something that shines bright in your home, then this is the perfect project for you!

March 2, 2016

This celestial glow jar is definitely worth doing and is guaranteed to make any room explode with light. With only four everyday materials and three simple steps, you can create a stunning luminous lantern.


  • A silver paint pen
  • A basic tea light candle
  • Gold spray paint
  • Any type of tape
  • An average, clear, mason jar

First, you will want to coat the bottom third of the mason jar with any type of golden spray paint. Be sure to tape off the area to show where the the dividing line is. You will want to do this part of the project preferably in an open garage or outside.

After peeling off the tape, take the paint pen and create stars around the jar. It is your choice about how big or small the stars should be and exactly what shape they should take. In my experience, you will want to do around twenty one centimeter long and wide stars to create the best outcome. Now you have a pretty jar that is sparkling with silver stars and a shining gold base.

Now it’s time to add a sun to your galaxy: take your candle and place it in the center of the jar. This project is perfect for any room, so anyone can enjoy this cute DIY.

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