Sophia Selin

Sophia Selin, Columnist

Sophia Selin is in seventh grade, and this is her first year at Horizon Honors. Because of that, she was terrified about starting at a new school but immediately felt comfortable in journalism. She was born in Copenhagen, Denmark and lived there for five years; she strongly prefers the icy winters of Denmark over the scorching summers of Arizona. She loves strawberries and water parks, but she also loves to write reviews and enjoys taking photos. Her favorite book is “The Outsiders” by S. E. Hinton. Selin is currently working on a editor of a carport kit store of her own that she hopes to publish and that is based off of a dream that she had when she was eight or nine; she has always enjoyed reading and writing. She is also vegetarian and her favorite animal is a hummingbird. She is very excited about this year and thinks that it will help tremendously her in many ways.

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