Apple and Android are engaged in a fierce competition.
Apple and Android are engaged in a fierce competition.

Split Perspectives: Which Phone Is Superior?

Two columnists discuss the benefits of Apple and Android.

The debate over which brand of phone rages. Both phones are popular for different reasons, as our columnists will discuss.

Which is better - Android or Apple?


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Matthew Greco will be writing in favor of Apple phones. Jameson Kowalski will be writing in favor of Android phones. They have each written articles defending their position. May the best phone win.

An Apple a Day Keeps the Android Away

By Matthew Greco

Apple vs. Android is a debate that is as old as the phones themselves. Although Android can be a decent option, Apple’s products are known for their strong design, layout, and streamlined simplicity. Apple’s devices are better than those of Android.

Apple has a wide range of devices, all having an aesthetic and simple appeal. Apple’s layout is very well put together, automatically coming with the essentials needed to begin using the phones. In addition, Apple phones carry a lot of storage, leaving room for plenty of photos and apps.

Apple’s app store is well organized and makes it easy to get any desired app. All the pre-set apps are brightly colored and yet flow well. They are also easy to use and work with. One of Apple’s most well-known apps is its messenger app. This app is very efficient, having a simple and sleek design while also being able to access calling and FaceTime features.

Apple’s best feature is the camera app that shoots high resolution photos and high quality videos which are much better than Android’s video quality, Apple also has “Cinematic Mode” for its camera which is loved for its life-like videos.

Another Apple exclusive is Siri, which helps you search the internet, answer math questions, sing songs, and even tell jokes. Many Apple users rely heavily on Siri, which is accessed by holding the power button for a few seconds.

Apple phones have many fun features that make the brand more popular than Android, therefore making it better. It has a better app store, camera, and has more products.

An Argument for Android

By Jameson Kowalski

The Apple vs. Android debate is one that has split the public for years. Both Apple and Android users debate which type of smartphone, and accompanying device ecosystem, is better than the other. I myself am an Android user who has used a Google Pixel 7 for over a year. I will be spotlighting some of my personal observations whilst being an Android user and why I believe it is better than Apple.

One of the major aspects of Android devices Apple users tend to point out is the ‘green bubble’ that comes up when an Android user texts an Apple user. However, this is a result of Apple creating a one-device messaging system, instead of one that is fully compatible with all devices. Android, on the other hand, has been developing a messaging app that works excellently with both Android and Apple devices. Messages by Google, a messaging app developed by Android’s parent company, Google, has become the industry standard for messaging apps on all new Android devices. The app uses Rich Communication Services (RCS) messages, a newer and more secure message type, instead of the older Short Message Service (SMS)/Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) that iMessage uses. One thing that I have personally noticed is that the messaging experience between Android devices is almost identical to that of iMessage on iPhones. You can see when messages are read, see when people are typing, add reactions and reply to messages, and it is all secure and encrypted. I’ve also noticed that all-Android group chats work smoothly and include all the same features as direct messaging.

A second point I often hear is that Android camera quality is horrible, but that just isn’t true. Android phones have been equipped with slightly different camera components than the iPhone, but oftentimes the images turn out higher quality due to developments in image processing software. Android phones have also been rated highly compared to their rivals due to the processing capabilities of the device. The stereotype that Androids have bad camera quality likely sparked from images being grainy and distorted when sent to Apple users over text message. My personal experience with an Android camera has been extraordinary. The Google Pixel phone, which I use, has been reported as producing higher resolution photos than Apple. I have seen images taken on my phone compared to the same image on an iPhone, and my photos often turn out clearer and sharper. I’ve had friends who are iPhone users be impressed with the quality of photos taken without any editing.

Moving away from common stereotypes, Android phones have incredible software and customizability compared to their Apple counterparts. The Android operating system can be changed and edited depending on which company produces the phone, and what the phone’s intended use is. For example, the Google Pixel is extremely customizable without having to install any additional software. You can do all the basics, like edit the background and fidget with the home screen, but you can also choose themed app icons and color pallets for the entire device to match the background with the tap of one button. These themes are applied to app icons, messaging, and Google apps at the tap of a button. Google also utilizes AI to help create backgrounds. Aside from the customization, the software on Android is great. It is simple, responsive, and user friendly. There are many shortcut settings that can be changed to set the phone up however a user would like. The phones also don’t come with hardly any bloatware, which are apps put on to the device by the manufacturer for one reason or another. Instead, many Google apps are preloaded on the device, since those apps are super compatible with Android devices.

The Android ecosystem is a highly innovative and productivity-focused ecosystem similar to the Apple ecosystem. An ecosystem in technology is when companies make devices that go along with each other. Apple’s ecosystem consists of the iPhone, iPad, Airpods, Apple Watch, Macbook, and more recently the Vision Pro. On the other hand, the two main Android manufacturers in the U.S, Samsung and Google, both have their own device ecosystem that is comparable, if not better than Apple’s. Samsung has the Galaxy phone, Galaxy Tab tablet, Galaxy Buds, and Galaxy Watch. Google launched their ecosystem recently, introducing the Pixel Tablet and Pixel Watch alongside the existing Pixel Buds and Pixel phones. Both Samsung and Google produce their own computers as well. Devices in the Samsung ecosystem are focused on innovation, while products in the Google ecosystem work flawlessly with Google apps like Gmail and Drive. One device type Android has that Apple doesn’t are foldable phones, with both Samsung and Google producing foldable phones.

Finally, Android devices contain many small, but enjoyable add-ons to the device. Android, just like Apple, can transfer files over the air with a feature called Nearby Share, which is practically identical to AirDrop. The standard keyboard for Android phones, Gboard, has many fun features, like customizability, built- in Google Translate, and Emoji Kitchen, which allows you to combine emojis to cook up new ones. Android devices also come with widgets, just like the iPhone.

Both Android and Apple devices are solid smartphones, but Android phones are better than their rivals.

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