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Student News for Horizon Honors Secondary School

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Student News for Horizon Honors Secondary School

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An employee at the Target forensics lab in classic Target uniform.

The Target Forensics Lab

Jameson Kowalski, Columnist April 11, 2024

Target, just like many other retailers, has fallen victim to shoplifters, with almost a billion dollars in goods stolen from their stores in 2023. However, the numbers could have been much worse if it...

A cow.

Animals and People Across the Country Catch Bird Flu

Jameson Kowalski, Columnist April 5, 2024

Across the United States, farm animals such as cows and chickens have been testing positive for a disease known as avian influenza, more commonly referred to as avian flu or bird flu. According to the...

The finished product.

Blissful Brookies

Matthew Greco, Columnist April 5, 2024

Cookies are amazing. You can put anything in them. Brownies are chocolatey goodness. They’re always good; you can't mess them up. Here’s how you can combine these two greats into one masterpiece of...

Depiction of correlation between social media and mental health decline

The Worsening Mental Health of Today’s Society

Jet Taft, Columnist March 8, 2024

It has become more and more apparent that the mental health of the world has declined. Time says, “Almost a third of U.S. adults now report symptoms of either depression or anxiety, roughly three times...

Data and AI servers lined up.

AI Needs Water to Function, and It’s Hurting the Environment

Eli Geist, Columnist March 8, 2024

The advanced artificial intelligence (AI) servers in charge of technological development need an alarming amount of water. This has become so large an issue that it has begun to affect the environment.  According...

The finished product.

Sweet, Mouthwatering Glazed Apples

Eli Geist, Columnist February 29, 2024

Glazed apples, a good treat to snack on throughout the day, are an easy yet delicious dish similar to apple pie filling. and can be made in five easy steps! Ingredients: 4 apples  ¼ cup of...

COVID vaccine before being administered.

COVID Vaccine Found to Have Three Links to Cardiac and Neurological Conditions

Jameson Kowalski, Columnist February 27, 2024

A new vaccine safety study has uncovered new side effects to many COVID vaccines. The effects, which are extremely rare, were discovered during the largest vaccine safety study to date. The side effects...

Satellite menacingly headed towards Earth.

Forecast Shows Falling Satellite

Erin McGinty, Columnist February 27, 2024

According to NPR, European Remote Sensing 2, (ERS-2), a European satellite launched in 1995, was recently retired in 2011. Since then, it has slowly been making its way back into the atmosphere.  On...

The fossil was determined to be a fraud.

Famous Fossil or Art Project?

Joey Miller, Columnist February 27, 2024

According to CNN, researchers say that a famous fossil has caused a scandal. The fossil was discovered in the Italian Alps in 1931 and was thought to be a Tridentinosaurus antiquus. Scientists believed...

Hind Rajab is one of many children killed in the war between Israel and Hamas.

Five-Year-Old Palestinian Girl Found Dead After Being Trapped Under Israeli Fire

Joey Miller, Columnist February 16, 2024

Hind Rajab, a five-year-old girl, was found dead under a car in Gaza. On Jan. 29, 2024, Rajab and her family were fleeing from the fighting in northern Gaza, until they fell under Israeli fire, according...

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