Student News for Horizon Honors Secondary School

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Student News for Horizon Honors Secondary School

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Student News for Horizon Honors Secondary School

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Prime has become a hit due to its innovative formula and active marketing.


Melissa Sayadinejad, Columnist May 23, 2023

Prime, the latest addition to the health drink market, has been making waves recently because of its unique formula and widespread advertising campaign. With an emphasis on natural ingredients and hydration,...

Netflix viewership is in decline after a momentous rise to fame.

The Downfall of Netflix

Claire Satiroff, Columnist May 8, 2023

Netflix is often regarded as one of the most popular streaming services. According to Product Habits, viewership increased by 283 percent in only four years. Recently, though, Netflix has removed many...

The Line - An Idealistic Future

The Line – An Idealistic Future

Claire Satiroff, Columnist April 27, 2023

Throughout history, utopian societies have been depicted in novels as mere figments of imagination. Yet, Saudi Arabia is attempting to make this fiction a reality. The Line is a linear smart city being...

The University of Arizona Tech Park, one of many tech developments that have popped up all around the valley.

Big Tech Comes to Arizona

Jameson Kowalski, Columnist April 19, 2023

The Phoenix metropolitan area has quickly become one of the fastest growing industrial locations in all of the United States. A large portion of the growth can be credited to the significant amounts of...

Shou Zi Chew testifies before the House Committee of Energy and Commerce.

Shou Zi Chew Testifies Before Congress over TikTok, China Concerns

Jacob Snow, Columnist March 30, 2023

Shou Zi Chew’s statements regarding the safety and privacy of his company, TikTok, have increasingly raised alarm in Congress. While testifying before the House Committee of Energy and Commerce, Reuters...

Wojcicki will be followed by Neal Mohan.

Susan Wojcicki to be Replaced as YouTube’s CEO

Brody Cheroke, Columnist March 2, 2023

Susan Wojciki is stepping down as YouTube’s CEO and will be replaced by Neal Mohan, according to TechCrunch. Mohan is a Chief Product Officer at YouTube and Google. Susan posted in a memo that she would...

A chart showing price changes for Humira over time.

Humira, a Major Drug Company’s Powerful Profit-Maker

Jacob Snow, Columnist February 3, 2023

The drug Humira has been in advertisements all over, whether you're surfing the internet, watching YouTube, or even just searching up information on your phone. This medicine has become a major success...

A.I. art hurts human artists.

The Impact of A.I. Art on Real Artists

Sierra Perlmutter, Columnist January 20, 2023

According to American Scientist, A.I. art is created when algorithms are trained to analyze thousands of images in order to “learn” an aesthetic or art style. Then, the algorithm tries to create new...

Electric cars arent as ecofriendly as they seem.

Think Again About Electric Cars

Jameson Kowalski, Columnist December 9, 2022

Electric cars are being considered one of the only ways to save our environment from climate change. Electric cars have existed since the 1890s, but modern electric cars didn’t become popular until around...

Apples newest iPhones are as advanced as ever.

Apple’s Advanced iPhone 14

Melissa Sayadinejad, Columnist November 2, 2022

Apple's latest high-tech products are the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max. They were released on Sept. 16 and include many new features and material. There are several significant...

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