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Holographic Houston

Fans around the world may be able to watch the iconic Whitney Houston perform once again.

Bella Rao, Columnist

March 6, 2020

World-renowned late pop artist Whitney Houston is going on tour. However, this time, as a hologram. Houston was an American singer and actress that revolutionized the ‘80s and ‘90s music scene, later passing away in 2012. BASE Hologram has stated that since then, her sister-in-law, Pat Houston, has continued her legacy in many ...

Campus Control

A new app may determine participation and attendance points at college.

Madeeha Akhtar, Columnist

February 2, 2020

Technology has advanced much over the years, surprising us all with the new things it can do. Colleges have always been hot spots for tech development, but there is potentially a whole new level of technology in the works for campuses. A tracking app, spotterEDU, is being used on new Missouri College st...

Fake Frogs

Not all that ribbits is real.

Madeeha Akhtar, Columnist

January 26, 2020

Everybody will have to touch a slimy green frog at least once in their school biology class. Many people think, though, that dissecting these once-living animals is gross and morally wrong.  According to ABC News, about three million frogs are killed for these projects annually. Luckily, Florida schools have ...

Shedding Light on Lightsabers

Although technology has advanced rapidly since 1977 and the release of the first

Ben Geist, Columnist

December 14, 2019

Since their debut in 1960, lasers have become an object of increasing interest in the public eye. From the classic movie “Star Wars” portrayal of laser weaponry, to medical lasers that can remove tattoos, lasers are everywhere. This invention has worked its way into our everyday lives, but since ...

Earbud Effects

Headphones are a reliable staple of every teenager, but there can be dangers associated with them.

Noah Stults, Columnist

May 17, 2019

In society today, there is a new craze for earbuds, especially recently-released wireless ones, like AirPods. Although earbuds are a convenient way to listen to music privately, there could be some potential health risks associated with these inventions. The volume of a earbud has the potential to ...

Frankenstein’s Utensil

Max Larsen, Columnist

April 15, 2019

Sporks are the most useless and uncomfortable utensil. The fork aspect of the utensil interferes with eating “spoon foods,” and the absolute uselessness of the fork portion is laughable. Neither the spoon nor the fork is as effective as just using a spoon or a fork for eating meals. The inventor of ...

Get Your Scoot On

Courtesy of The Verge.

Amber Fretwell, Columnist

April 5, 2019

Around town lying along the streets and sidewalks, there are electronic scooters and bikes that you are able to rent via an app on your phone. Multiple apps are available for Android products and iPhones to download depending on the brand of scooter or bike you choose to use. Despite the variety of ...

What’s Hot: The Instant Pot

Noah Stults, Columnist

April 5, 2019

The Instant Pot was first invented in 2010 and has since grown into a huge company. The special pot became popular through word-of-mouth and thousands of online supporters who steadfastly believe it is a life-changing innovation. When you buy this awesome gadget, you will use it every night to make dinn...

The Final Straw

Buying a non-disposable straw may be more helpful than you think.

Amber Fretwell, Columnist

December 21, 2018

There is an infamous picture that has been on many different social media platforms of a sea turtle with a straw buried in its head. This picture has sparked movements internationally. Plastic is constantly polluting the ocean and the environment and affecting the flora and fauna, and this turtle show...

Let’s Talk Socks

Evelyn Streit, Columnist

June 6, 2018

PhD candidate at Australia's University of Melbourne Deepti Aggarwal has created a new invention. Socks for Physiotherapy, or SoPhy “smart socks,” are socks designed with electronic sensors that connect to the internet creating better and more useful checkups between doctors and patients. For peopl...

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