Is TikTok Overrated?

People have mixed opinions on the worldwide phenomenon TikTok.
TikTok has two billion users... but is it overrated?
November 20, 2020

TikTok became a worldwide phenomenon in November 2018, when it merged with China’s social media service, Users can create and share 3 to 60-second videos, using hashtags to reach as many...

A New Wave of Consoles

As the holidays roll in, both Sony and Microsoft are taking the next step to the future.
November 18, 2020

On Nov. 10 and 12, the world was given the future of gaming. The PS5, Series X, and Series S were promising a new era of gaming, giving record breaking speeds and power to the console market. Both of...

Foley Foolery

A foley artist at work.
There are many aspects that go into making movies, from the computer-generated images, (CGI) to the storyline, and everything in between. But there is one very important part that is often overlooked - the foley of a movie.
November 15, 2020

Have you ever wondered how horror movies manage to get the perfect sound of a creaky door? Or how footsteps just magically manage to become louder when entering a “haunted” house? How waterfalls and...

The Quirky QWERTY

A typewriter utilizing the QWERTY keyboard.
November 9, 2020

As many people use the invention of the keyboard daily, numerous questions on the origin of the format have been composed. What benefits has the QWERTY keyboard brought to the technology world and where...

How to Make a Font Using Calligraphr

Using Calligraphr, you can create a custom font in minutes.
Calligraphr is a website that makes it very easy to turn your handwriting into a font within a few minutes.
November 9, 2020

Directions: First, open the website Calligraphr and create an account.  Click “Create a Template” and then click “Minimal English.” Add any characters that you would want, like numbers,...

The Possible Death of the Space Age

The Possible Death of the Space Age
October 28, 2020

The Space Age is the era of humanity where we stop looking towards our planet's uncharted lands. We no longer look for what new oceans to explore, or what mountains need to be climbed. Instead, humanity...

Holographic Houston

Fans around the world may be able to watch the iconic Whitney Houston perform once again.
Whitney Houston is touring as a hologram.
March 6, 2020

World-renowned late pop artist Whitney Houston is going on tour. However, this time, as a hologram. Houston was an American singer and actress that revolutionized the ‘80s and ‘90s music scene, later...

Campus Control

A new app may determine participation and attendance points at college.
Missouri College is establishing a new standard of class attendance.
February 2, 2020

Technology has advanced much over the years, surprising us all with the new things it can do. Colleges have always been hot spots for tech development, but there is potentially a whole new level of technology...

Fake Frogs

Not all that ribbits is real.
January 26, 2020

Everybody will have to touch a slimy green frog at least once in their school biology class. Many people think, though, that dissecting these once-living animals is gross and morally wrong.  According...

Shedding Light on Lightsabers

Although technology has advanced rapidly since 1977 and the release of the first
December 14, 2019

Since their debut in 1960, lasers have become an object of increasing interest in the public eye. From the classic movie “Star Wars” portrayal of laser weaponry, to medical lasers that can remove tattoos,...

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