Thank You, Journalism

Max Larsen, Sports Editor May 27, 2022

Journalism is a truly surreal experience. No class I have taken or will ever take can compare to it. The family aspect to this class has truly helped me feel comfortable, and be who I am. Promotion of...

The swim and dive team is a great opportunity.

Superb Swim Team Opportunity

Melissa Sayadinejad, Columnist May 25, 2022

The 2021-2022 school year is coming to a finish, and students have several opportunities for next year. One is the chance to become a member of the Horizon Honors swim and dive team. The swim team and...

Horizon Honors Job Openings

Horizon Honors Job Openings

Grace Freed, Columnist May 25, 2022

Community service is a very beneficial activity.

The Value of Volunteering

Melissa Sayadinejad, Columnist April 29, 2022

Prep Scholar explains that unpaid work done for the benefit of others by an individual or a group of individuals is referred to as community service. Because it's frequently done close to your home, your...

Take a look at the unseen side of Horizon Honorss The Wizard of Oz production.

Behind the Curtain of Horizon Honors’s “The Wizard of Oz”

Matlyn McShane, Columnist April 27, 2022

Theater is fascinating because the audience only sees what happens on stage, and they have little idea what could be happening backstage. Things can break, there could be technical difficulties, and lots...

The middle schoolers on the D.C. trip had a great time over Spring Break.

Middle School Travel Club’s Trip to Washington D.C.

Matlyn McShane, Columnsit April 8, 2022

Over spring break, Horizon Honors Middle School Travel Club took a trip to Washington D.C. They traveled all over D.C, and even ventured two hours out of it to visit Jamestown. Students had lots of fun...

Spring Fling Returns

Spring Fling Returns

Dakota Crider, Columnist March 10, 2022

After a pandemic hiatus, Spring Fling returns!

Spring Fling Is Back in Business

Grace Freed, Columnist March 10, 2022

Horizon Honors students loved Spring Fling with the bouncy castles, mazes, face paint, rides, and food trucks out on the field. Sadly, there was an end to that but a new beginning at Jake’s Unlimited! Despite...

February is the month to prepare for your career.

February Career Month is Here!

Ella Mann, Columnist February 3, 2022

This February is Career Month for Horizon Honors Secondary School. This month is all about learning about what you want your future to look like. There will be a ton of fun activities throughout the month...

The school has many events going on right now.

New Horizon Honors Activities

Grace Freed, Columnist November 8, 2021

Lately, Horizon Honors Secondary has released many new productions and events that many people are unaware of. Here are a few of the Horizon exclusive events that you can support and participate in. Horizon...

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