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Student News for Horizon Honors Secondary School

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Student News for Horizon Honors Secondary School

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Video Games

Squad Busters is a new game from Supercell.

New Supercell Game: “Squad Busters”

Matthew Greco, Columnist May 21, 2024

The popular mobile game company Supercell just announced a new game currently in development called “Squad Busters.” According to Supercell, “Squad Busters” is a player vs. player and player vs....

Several popular horror video games.

Horror’s Ability to Possess People

Jet Taft, Columnist April 19, 2024

Horror, since the concept's creation, has captivated many. The spooky atmospheres, the thrill of adrenaline as situations intensify, and the enthralling stories make horror a popular source of media. Yet...

Indycar driver Romain Grosjean using his at-home simulator.

How Sim Racing is Succeeding

Jameson Kowalski, Columnist September 28, 2023

Simulator racing, otherwise known as sim racing, has heavily affected real life racing. Sim racing is a realistic form of motorsport based completely online that has allowed for people to race competitively...

Technology has its benefits in childhood development, but can also be detrimental.

Kids Growing Up with Technology vs. Kids Who Don’t

Amanda Mourelo, Editor of Student Opinion and Features and Extras May 23, 2023

In 2023, technology has become incredibly advanced. It is prevalent in everyday life because it can provide resources and answers for everyone. Typically, adults and adolescents are the individuals using...

Minecraft Trails and Tales will bring many new features to the game.

The Trails and Tales Update

Rochelle Georges, Columnist March 10, 2023

Minecraft is one of the most popular games in the world and has had updates for many years. This year, Minecraft is adding the Trails and Tales update, which will have many new features. It will bring...

Five Nights at Freddys: Security Breach is the latest installment in the famous franchise.

“Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach” Game Rundown

Matlyn McShane, Columnist January 20, 2022

“Five Nights at Freddy’s” is an ongoing video game created by Scott Cawthon, and has been around since 2014. According to The Little Facts, Cawthon’s estimated net worth is about 60 million dollars,...

Twitch streamers can grow to extraordinary popularities.

Twitch Streamers: What Makes Them so Popular?

Matlyn McShane, Columnist December 3, 2021

Twitch is an app that lets you livestream video games, interact with watchers, and earn money. Many people have started streaming, forming small communities and groups that stream together. But one question...

Dreams channel icon.

Dream’s Horrible Apology

Luke Culver, Student Opinion Editor June 9, 2021

Popular Minecraft speedrunner Dream finally admitted to cheating during his speedruns.  Dream is a popular speedrunner and content creator for the video game Minecraft. Back in December, the YouTuber...

Handheld gaming has been going strong for decades.

Handheld Consoles: A Retrospective Look

Luke Culver, Student Opinion Editor June 8, 2021

Handheld consoles are a staple in gaming history. Chances are, you or one of your friends own one. When it comes to handhelds, a major name in the handheld gaming community is Nintendo, the creators of...

Pikmin: a Neglected Franchise

Pikmin: a Neglected Franchise

Brandon Dosen, Columnist May 7, 2021

Over the past two decades, one of Nintendo’s most beloved franchises has received only three games, leading many fans to think that the dormant series is being altogether left behind. In 2001, Pikmin...

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