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Holy Cow! Six Myths About Hinduism Debunked

Pradyoth Velagapudi, Columnist
May 28, 2017
Filed under Diversity

Hinduism is a rich and interesting religion that not many non-Hindu people fully understand. Here are six myths about Hinduism, debunked.

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A Tall Latte with a Side of Intellect and Puppies

Danielle Moran, Columnist
November 28, 2014
Filed under Diversity, Features

When it comes to being diverse, I never really thought of myself as a good example. I'm just a teenager in high school who follows the “typical white girl” stereotypes of having a white iPhone and drinking my coffee. But for diversity, unlike some things, stepping back and seeing the bigger picture...

Defining Diversity

Zach Asato, Photo/Video Editor
November 17, 2014
Filed under Diversity, Features

How can diversity truly be defined? I believe diversity means inclusion, acceptance, and respect for all, regardless of culture or ethnic background. A person’s background is what makes him or her unique as an “individual.” It is not what should be the basis for insult or exclusion. I’d like t...

Different Cultures, One Girl

November 13, 2014
Filed under Diversity, Features

My family history is confusing. My father’s side is most prominent to me, probably because I feel more in touch with it, due to a shared religion, a shared name, and my grandfather actually living in Arizona. My grandpa, Harold David Bander, was born into an Ashkenazi Jewish family who came from either...

Discovering Diversity

Selina Fluty, Columnist
November 13, 2014
Filed under Diversity, Features

If you’re my friend, or somehow our conversation turns in this direction, you may learn that I am not straight. I identify as an aromantic-asexual, or a person who does not want a romantic relationship, or the more heated actions in a relationship. It was a weight off my shoulders when I finally found...

News & Campus Life for the Students of Horizon Honors